Batavia Elementary students get first karate instruction

Mike Franzen instructs first-time karate students at Batavia Elementary School.

Karate students practice their new moves Tuesday at Batavia Elementary School.
Mike Franzen, a karate instructor at Marshal Arts America Eastgate, will be teaching karate to Batavia Elementary School students for the next few weeks.

The after school activity is a fund-raiser that will teach the students about respect, concentration, self-discipline, and perseverance.

“They will learn that karate is not about fighting, it’s about setting goals and doing your best,” Franzen said.

Franzen said that karate is a sport that is appropriate for all young students.

“Karate is an activity that any kid can do and achieve at,” Franzen said. “Nobody sits the bench.”

Marshal Arts America Eastgate is located at 960 Kennedy’s Landing. For more information call (513) 753-1200.