More funds available for ALB eradication efforts in Clermont

The Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced Sept. 4 that an additional $2 million will be available for Asian longhorned beetle eradication efforts and replanting efforts in Clermont County.

Brett Gates, public information officer for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said the funding came from the state and was passed by the General Assembly.

Gates said the $2 million will be shared between the ODA and the ODNR for additional surveys and also replanting efforts.

He said the ODA will use a portion of the funds to continue surveying efforts in Clermont County.

“It’s very important we get the boundaries of this infestation identified,” Gates said. “These surveys will help determine the full extent.”

Gates said the other portion of the funds will be used by the ODNR for replanting efforts in the area.

“We recognize the change in landscape,” Gates said about the removal of thousands of trees. “We want to be able to work with property owners to begin to provide them with resources for replanting.”

The $2 million in funding from the state is in addition to $14.8 million in funding from the United States Department of Agriculture that was announced in August.

The Asian longhorned beetle infestation was discovered in Ohio in Tate Township in June of 2011. Monroe and Stonelick townships were also found to have satellite infestations.

As of Sept. 4, 8,716 trees infested trees had been removed from Clermont County and 170,575 trees had been surveyed.

Gates said they will continue to move forward with eradication efforts and additional surveys in the area.

“We are working to do what we can with these funds and continue to work to eradicate ALB,” Gates said.