Jungle Jim’s will soon be part of the community

Jungle Jim’s employees and construction crews complete final projects at the international market, which will be open and ready for customers Sept. 25.

Jungle Jim’s employees and construction crews complete final projects at the international market, which will be open and ready for customers Sept. 25.
In just two weeks, residents in Clermont County will have a new grocery store to explore.

Jungle Jim’s International Market is scheduled to open Sept. 25, and the non-traditional market will offer thousands of products and also an experience that will begin as soon as customers walk in the door.

Jimmy Bonaminio, creative director for Jungle Jim’s, and Debby Hartinger, public relations marketing coordinator, said they too feel the anticipation about the store opening.

“We are totally excited,” Hartinger said. “We’ll be working down to the last minute. We will be ready.”

Hartinger said “Jungle” Jim Bonaminio, who founded Jungle Jim’s in 1974, is keeping the process fun and constantly changing, even up until the final weeks remaining before the opening.

She said the store is filled with products, and the look has changed drastically from when there were just empty food stands and shelves positioned throughout the store.

Hartinger said the job fair was a success and they were able to hire many quality candidates to work at the market.

She said employees who were hired after the job fair July 31-Aug. 1 have either been trained or are in training, which will last until opening day.

Hartinger said they will definitely be working up until the day the store opens making sure the store is ready for customers.

Bonaminio said, then, once the doors have opened, their focus will shift to the customers.

Hartinger and Bonaminio know that there will be a variety of customers that will shop at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate. Some customers who are fans and followers of Jungle Jim’s and some who have never heard about the market before.

Regardless of whether customers are having their first Jungle Jim’s experience, or have shopped at Jungle Jim’s 100 times, Hartinger and Bonaminio are confident the store will have both products and excitement for everyone.

“If this is your first experience, you’ll be blown away,” Bonaminio said. “If you’ve been before, you’ll be blown away.”

Bonaminio and Hartinger agreed that there are definitely some things to know about shopping at Jungle Jim’s, especially for those who have never visited the Fairfield location before.

“Check the website, and plan a trip,” Hartinger said about coming to the market.

Bonaminio said make sure to pay attention to the direction and flow of the improved parking lot when you arrive at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate, located on Eastgate South Drive.

He said customers should grab a cart from the designated area under the monorail before entering the store.

“Pick up a store map when you get here,” Hartinger said.

She said maps will be available inside, and guests will also find that the different sections of the store are color-coded, including American grocery, international food, seafood and more.

“Don’t be afraid to ask employees if you need help,” Hartinger said.

Bonaminio and Hartinger suggested customers take time to look around and take in the sights of the new market.

They said customers should explore all sections of the market even if they are unfamiliar with the products.

“Wear good walking shoes,” Hartinger said.

Both Bonaminio and Hartinger agreed that seeing the whole store in one day is difficult, and customers will often come back to the Fairfield market and notice products and displays they didn’t see the first time.

Hartinger also encouraged customers to explore the other stores in the Jungle Jim’s shopping center. Many of the tenants are new since Jungle Jim’s came in and have recently opened their doors as well.

And while the “grand” opening of the new Jungle Jim’s carries a lot of excitement, Bonaminio and Hartinger agreed that the opening of the store is really just the beginning of what is to come.

“One stage is finished,” Bonaminio said about the store opening. “Just one step.”

Bonaminio said what lies ahead is the process of making the store as lovable to the Clermont community as the Fairfield Jungle Jim’s is to the Fairfield community.

Hartinger said “Jungle” Jim gave the Eastgate market good genes, just as he did with the Fairfield market, but time will continue to develop the store into something unique.

“It’s like a child developing,” Bonaminio said. “It will have its own personality.”