Biden brings campaign to Clermont with stop in Milford

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to supporters Sunday, Sept. 9 at Milford High School.

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to supporters Sunday, Sept. 9 at Milford High School.
Vice President Joe Biden addressed a crowd of hundreds of enthusiastic supporters at Milford High School Sunday, Sept. 9. The stop in Milford was part of a campaign weekend campaign swing that took the vice president through southwest Ohio.

Biden was quick to connect with his supporters, comparing Ohio with his home state of Pennsylvania, and giving an optimistic assessment of the future.

“I come from a state not unlike yours, I come from Pennsylvania,” Biden said. “The same things that happened in Pennsylvania have happened here in Ohio, and I’ll tell you what, both are coming back.”

Vice President Joe Biden poses for a picture with Annie Kate Sayre, of Colerain Township, after his speech at Milford High School.

In his address, Biden drew sharp contrasts between the policies of the Obama administration and those of Republican challengers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

“This country literally faces one of the starkest choices in the choice for president in my memory,” Biden said.

He said that the Republicans are in favor of replacing Medicare with what he called “voucher-care,” cutting spending on Social Security and education, and increasing taxes on middle class families.

“Why are they doing all of this?” he asked. “Because they have to. They need to pay for the additional tax cuts for the wealthy, and the wealthy are not even asking for these cuts.”

Biden said that he and President Obama have a different plan, which includes leveling the economic playing field, ending the war in Afghanistan, and repairing the country’s bridges, schools, and roads. He said that the choice offered by the challengers is nothing new.

“Folks, we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends,” Biden said. “It ends in a catastrophe for the middle class, it ends in the great recession of 2008.”

Biden was introduced by Milford High School teacher Gabrielle Downey, who said she worried about her students’ future, and said that the Democrats represent the values of the community.

“In this election, we are not just fighting for President Obama and Vice President Biden,” Downey said. “We are fighting for the values we believe in, work, responsibility, fairness, and opportunity.”

Biden’s comments were well received by his supporters.

“I thought it was a great speech,” Jim Elkin, of Loveland, said. “We need to reelect Obama.”

Elaine Miller, of Wayne Township, said that Biden did what he needed to do in his appearance.

“He did great,” Miller said. “It was just what I expected, he built up a lot of enthusiasm.”
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