Clermont County men indicted for string of burglaries

Two Clermont County men were indicted by the Clermont County Grand Jury for a string of thefts, burglaries and breaking and entering incidents in Wayne, Jackson and Goshen townships.

According to a release from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, William Wallace, 30, of Milford and William McMullen of Williamsburg were indicted on one count of burglary, five counts of breaking and entering and one count of receiving stolen property.

Burglary is a second degree felony, breaking and entering is a fifth degree felony and receiving stolen property is a first degree misdemeanor.

According to the sheriff’s office Wayne, Jackson and Goshen townships experienced a significant increase in thefts from garages and residences throughout the first week of August.

The Goshen Township Police Departments developed suspects and worked with investigators at the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office to bring closure to a number of cases also being investigated by the sheriff’s office.

Reports of property thefts in garages and residences were taken from seven residents of Wayne and Jackson townships. Property included musical instruments, power tools and hand tools valued at more than $4,500.

In addition, the agencies worked with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office investigating 10 breaking and entering cases that Wallace and McMullen were involved with in Brown County.

Investigators will be reviewing reports from surrounding townships to see if there are any addition cases in which Wallace and McMullen may have been involved.

Wallace is currently incarcerated at the Clermont County Jail. There is an outstanding warrant for the arrest of McMullen for his involvement in the cases.