4.5 mill levy on ballot for Milford school district

Milford Exempted Village Schools will have a levy on ballot this November.

Board members voted at their July 26 meeting to place the levy on the ballot.

The 4.5 mill levy will help the district maintain services, according to Superintendent Dr. Robert Farrell.

“We would be sustaining and not bringing anything back,” Farrell said.

Farrell said board members decided to place a levy on the ballot because of reductions of approximately $4 million at the federal and state level looming in the next few years.

“We’ve made reductions of $20 million over our five-year forecast,” Farrell said. “We tried to get as small of a levy as we can.”

Farrell said the 4.5 mill operating levy is the lowest on the ballot for a school district this November. He said the levy would cost home owners $137 per year based on a home valued at $100,000.

Farrell said the last operating levy the district asked for and received was in 2008. He said they kept a promise they made to try not to ask for additional funds for four years.

“The last levy lasted four years through some pretty tough times,” Farrell said. “We have been able to get through that.”

Farrell said that this year, however, board members saw a need for additional funds to keep the quality of education at the district up to its current level.

He said the district continues to have excellent educational results and also has scored well on the performance index with little spending per student.

Farrell said they try to use their funds wisely for the benefit of the students. He said they feel they have been getting great results.

“Our academic results have been amazing since our last levy,” Farrell said.

Farrell said the district plans to be fiscally conservative with the additional funds and use the money to sustain services so they are not affected by revenue cuts that could amount to $4 million in the next four years.

He said losing $4 million in revenue would have deleterious consequences for the district if they do not have additional funding.

“If we do not pass it, we will need to look at what reductions we would make,” Farrell said.

He said the levy would bring in approximately $4 million per year, which would replace the revenue lost at the federal and state level.

For more information about the levy visit www.milfordschools.org.