Transportation supervisor explains routes in Batavia

Batavia Local School District Board of Education members approved the bus routes for this year at their Aug. 20 board meeting, and received an update on transportation in the district.

Jake Knapp, transportation supervisor for Batavia and Williamsburg local schools, talked with board members about bus inspections, bus routes and a new mandate for passenger vans during his presentation.

Knapp said bus routes are complete for both districts with few changes this year.

Changes listed on the transportation website include changes to Live, Scarlet and Laurel Oaks routes, new student bus behavior procedures and the elimination of bus passes.

He said the transportation department also got through three rounds of bus inspections and got through the first day of school at Williamsburg Local School District.

Knapp also talked with board members about a new mandate on passenger vans that will affect the district.

“As of July 1, our vans are no longer legal for transporting students,” Knapp said.

He said they currently have two, 12 passenger vans and a new mandate will require smaller, six passenger vans.

“Basically, we have two fairly new vans we are not able to use for student transportation,” Knapp said.

He said they will sell the two vans and are hoping to have enough money to buy one six passenger van that will be acceptable.

“It affects tennis, golf and smaller teams,” Knapp said about the change.

He said the only problems they could run into if they can only buy one van is if more than six students on the team that need transportation.

Knapp said other than that, they are pretty much ready to go this year.

“It’ll be a good year,” he said.

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