Quilt exhibit and auction to be held in Milford

This red and green on white “Tulips and Currants” Pennsylvania Dutch design appliquéd quilt will be on display at the Antique and Vintage Quilt Exhibit and Auction.
There is something about a quilt that speaks to the hearts of many.

Be it a fond memory of being covered with one by a beloved Grandmother or Mother or actually owning one that has been passed down from one generation to another.

For these and other reasons the word “quilt” puts a smile on our face and a warm glow in our chest.

Yes, a quilt is fabric and quilting is a technique much like weaving, it is also the original recyclable. In the early days of our country nothing was wasted. Every scrap of fabric was saved and put to good use. These worn and recycled fabrics became something new. A quilt!

Three layers stitched together to be put on a bed or hung from windows, something to use to keep warm, but much, so very much, more. Quilts are not only recycled works of art but about family, patience, community, beauty, tradition and love.

On Aug. 25 the Greater Milford Area Society will host an Antique and Vintage Quilt Exhibit and Auction from 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. at Promont Museum. Promont is located at 900 Main Street in Milford.

Join us to see some amazing quilts. Some belong to the museum but the rest are on loan from members of the community and many of the quilts have wonderful stories to tell. The admission fee of $5 per adult is to benefit the historical society.

One quilt on display, Made in Upper Milford, Pennsylvania in 1850 is a red and green on white “Tulips and Currants” Pennsylvania Dutch design appliquéd quilt. This beauty was passed down from Great Great-grandmother to daughter to daughter to daughter to present day owner in Milford, Ohio. Just seems like it found its way home. Another beautiful quilt on display, brought to last years exhibit hoping for help with information, was brought back this year for display and along the way a connection was made between long lost cousins. The quilt is a blue and white “Wild Rose Snowflake” appliquéd and quilted in blue made between 1937 and 1939.

Also on display will be an extremely rare 18th century 96” square whole cloth quilt made of linsey–woolsey fabric. The yellow back was popular before and after the Revolutionary War since it was an easy color to dye, it did not fade much and it hid dirt well. This one has a dark blue top, which was the most popular top color. Even the thread to sew it together and quilt it was spun of the same fabric. It is quilted with beautiful, imaginative designs featuring the curved lines and stylized natural motifs that permeated the decorative fine arts of the period. Many more quilts dating from the mid 1800s through the mid 1900s will be on display with their own stories to tell.

On display also will be the dozen plus quilts that will be auctioned after the exhibit at 5:30 p.m. The quilts to be sold will span more than 100 years from the time they were made until now. These quilts will have a set opening bid price; any monies over that will be tax deductible. All proceeds will benefit the Museum.

For more information call the Museum Wednesday thru Friday at (513) 248-0324 or write info@milfordhistory.net.