Friendly Meadows puts emphasis on accuracy rather than distance

The scenic 16th green at Friendly Meadows Golf Course.
Friendly Meadows in the Loveland provides a test of golf that puts a premium on long-iron play and accuracy as opposed to the bomb and gouge approach many players use nowadays with the advancements in technology.

At 38 years old, Friendly Meadows was designed at a time when persimmon woods and balata balls were the norm, meaning accuracy is key and length, even if straight, is not always the best play.

Located on an old dairy farm, Friendly Meadows features a target golf course complete with some of the best greens in the area as well as a unique type of fairway grass – Zoysia.

What makes Zoysia grass so great to golf on is its lush and dense makeup. Once the grass has been planted and established, as it is at Friendly Meadows, it thrives year round and makes your lie in the fairway sit up as almost on a tee.

A truly different type of grass than the normal bent grass more commonly seen around the area, Zoysia gives the golfer a different look at their ball that can become rather addicting.

The Zoysia is not the only unique aspect of the par-72 layout of Friendly Meadows. Spread across over 6,600 yards from the back tees, the emphasis on accuracy is evident from the first hole.

The course was truly designed out of the terrain, not the other way around. The densely wooded areas that were present before the golf course was built remain so, and as a result cause you to keep your ball in the short grass.

Along with the emphasis on accuracy to keep your ball out of the woods, players must be wary of the various water hazards that meander and lurk throughout the round.

Clover Creek runs throughout the property and pops up on several holes, lining the fairway and forcing the player to take notice of where they are aiming.

Friendly Meadows is a thinking-man’s course that forces you to hold your focus or lose your ball. A wayward swing or relaxed thought process could result in a lost ball and a penalty stroke.

The closing stretch of holes at Friendly Meadows really gives golfers a chance to salvage a round with a few looks at birdie or completely tank it if frustration overtakes them.

The 16th hole features perhaps the most picturesque view, but taking in the view and forgetting your strategy could result in a water ball. The 17th is the shortest par-3 on the course and a good approach could result in a two on the hole. Finally, the 18th offers an elevated tee shot that requires an accurate tee shot as Clover Creek guards the right side of the fairway.

The disciplined and humble golfer will enjoy a walk around Friendly Meadows, but one hell-bent on hitting the ball a mile might find his confidence shaken and his bag a little lighter after 18 holes.

For more information on the course, visit their website at or call for a tee time at (937) 379 – 1050.