Local restaurant health inspections available online

Have you ever wondered how the restaurant where you’re eating did on their last health inspection? Are you buying a new home and wonder about the household sewage treatment system?

This information is now available to citizens online for restaurants and properties in Clermont County. The Clermont County General Health District Food Program staff has been working on making information easier for the public to get. They began entering inspections electronically in 2011, which can now be accessed online.

The Health District does unannounced inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and vending operations at least once a year.

“Having the reports online will help the public see how the restaurants they visit are doing,” said Robert Perry, Environmental Health Director. He encourages consumers to examine inspections over time to get a better representation of how a facility is doing. Food facilities can be searched by either name or address.

Household Sewage Treatment Systems located in Clermont County are all part of the Basic System Assessment (BSA) Program. Systems with electrical components are currently assessed once every 19 months, and all other types of systems are assessed once every 38 months.

“Not only will having the inspection results available online provide valuable information to the public, it saves staff time processing requests for public information,” said Robert Wildey, Director of Water and Waste. Information about BSA inspections is one of the most common public records requests the Health District receives.

The Health District also offers a septic system inspection service for homeowners or potential home buyers so they can have a system inspected prior to purchasing a home. Both regular BSA inspections and loan inspections are now available online; you simply need to know the address of the property you are looking for.

Food facility inspection reports and BSA inspection reports can both be found by visiting the Health District website www.ClermontHealthDistrict.org.