Eastern Hills holds its ninth annual ‘Sporting Women’ event

Participants learn how to fire shotguns at the Sporting Women event.
Eastern Hills Rod, Gun & Conservation Club held its 9th annual Sporting Women event on July 14 in Batavia.

This annual event is based on a “workshop” format with over 18 distinct outdoor venues available to participants.

This year’s workshops included classes on many disciplines including rifle, shotgun, and pistol from the shooting sports.

In addition, classes were taught involving archery, kayaking, self defense, gold panning and outdoor survival to name a few.

Each year this event averages over 100 participants with 50 or more instructors to facilitate a ratio of two students per instructor.

This philosophy enables the participants to experience “success” quickly regarding their chosen classes and in turn leads to a sense of empowerment and higher self esteem for each individual ensuring the goal of the event is accomplished.

We also have a silent auction each year with the proceeds being donated (in the form of Kroger gift cards) to widows of WWII veterans, in Clermont County.

This year we raised over $1,600.

Eastern Hills Rod, Gun & Conversation Club would like to acknowledge and thank the following sponsors.

• Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources

• Beechmont Toyota

• Gander Mountain

• Cahall Bros.

• Kreighoff International.

Without the involvement and financial backing of these sponsors hosting this annual event would prove impossible and we are deeply indebted to all for their wonderful generosity.

For more information regarding this annual event visit our website www.sportingwomen.org.