Parsons sentenced to life in prison for his crimes

Nathan Parsons appeared in court with his lawyer for a plea agreement July 20.

Nathan Parsons appeared in court with his lawyer for a plea agreement July 20.
Nathan Parsons, the 30-year-old man who was charged with killing his step-father in Goshen and kidnapping a woman in Brown County last year, was sentenced to life in prison, without parole July 20.

Defense and prosecuting attorneys presented the plea agreement to Judge Jerry McBride in court July 20, halting the preparations for a jury trial that was planned for September.

Before accepting the guilty plea and sentencing Parsons, Judge McBride made sure Parsons understood the charges against him including aggravated murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and failure to comply with the order of a police officer.

Parsons agreed that he understood, and pleaded guilty to the charges during the hearing.

Parsons also pleaded guilty to a separate charge from an incident that occurred this year, where he was charged with assaulting a prison guard.

Kevin Miles, assistant Clermont County prosecutor, presented the judge with several exhibits during the hearing including a statement of facts that was signed by prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys and Parsons, photos of the deceased, and a video of Parsons confessing to the murder of his step-father.

Miles went over the statement of facts during the hearing and highlighted the events that took place Nov. 15-16 leading up to, during and after the murder of Richard Parsons, 69, Nathan Parsons’ step-father, and the kidnapping of Cassie Crawford, 29.

“On November 15 (Nathan Parsons) purposely caused the death of Richard Parsons in his home,” Miles read during the hearing.

Miles explained that the night of November 15 Parsons went to his step father’s home in Goshen Township.

“He had no key so it was necessary for him to call Richard Parsons around 1 a.m. and ask if he would let him in.”

Miles said that once Richard Parsons let Nathan Parsons into the home, Nathan Parsons talked with Richard Parsons for about an hour about his problems.

“He admitted he was thinking about how he would kill him,” Miles said.

Miles explained that Parsons strangled his step-father and later jumped on his neck to make sure he was dead. He said Parsons then hid his step-father’s body in a closet and proceeded to steal various items from his step-father’s home.

“He stole some belongings for heroin, used the heroin the next day,” Miles said.

He said on Nov. 16, Parsons drove the truck that he also stole from his step-father to Southern State Community College, where he waited for Cassie Crawford to arrive.

“He took her down to the ground by her hair and kidnapped her,” Miles said.

Miles explained that once Parsons had kidnapped Crawford, police were notified, and Parsons fled from Ohio State Highway Patrol officers who attempted to stop him.

Miles said Parsons came to a stop in the mud in a field where he was arrested.

The statement of facts also highlighted Parsons’ other offenses, including two incidents that occurred while he was incarcerated at the Clermont County Jail.

The first incident occurred in February when Parsons was charged with assaulting a prison guard. The second incident occurred July 13, when Parsons was being transported to a hearing at the courthouse, slipped out of handcuffs and had to be returned to the jail. No charges were filed after the second incident.

Parsons also had several previous charges relating to drugs, alcohol, robbery and burglary.

Judge McBride asked Parsons if he agreed to the statement of facts and if he signed the document that was presented. Parsons agreed and said he had.

After hearing the plea agreement, looking at the facts of the case and speaking with Parsons, Judge McBride proceeded to sentence Parsons.

He asked Parsons if he agreed with the requested sentence of life without parole and Parsons said he did.

Judge McBride also asked Parsons several questions to make sure he understood what life without parole meant.

“You are recommending I impose a sentence on aggravated murder of life imprisonment without parole,” Judge McBride said. “You will not be eligible for parole and will be in prison until death.”

Parsons agreed that he understood the circumstances of life in prison without parole. Judge McBride proceeded to impose the sentence for the aggravated murder charge.

“Based on all the facts and circumstances and a joint recommendation made by I will impose a prison term of life without parole,” Judge McBride said during the hearing.

Judge McBride also imposed an additional 10 years sentence for Parsons’ other charges, which included kidnapping, burglary and robbery.