New Richmond recieves grant of nearly $150,000

The village of New Richmond was awarded a State Issue Two Grant in the amount of $145,800 from the Ohio Public Works Commission June 5 to complete a water reservoir main project in the village.

“It is a good grant,” Dave Kennedy, village administrator, said. “It is one where a lot of residents won’t see it, but it’s pretty important to the village.”

Kennedy said they received $145,800 in grant money and will supply a local match of $18,020 for the project.

He said the project will replace approximately 920 linear feet of piping and four valves on the reservoir main that travels from the water treatment plan, up a large hill, to the 750,000 gallon reservoir in the village.

From the reservoir, Kennedy said the water is distributed to residents and also provides fire protection throughout the village.

“It’s the main part of your distributing system,” Kennedy said about the water main.

He said the grant money will allow the village to totally replace the main, and replace it in a way that will have minimal impact on water customers in the village.

Kennedy said the current pipeline is in poor condition and they have continuously had to make small repairs to keep the line in working condition. Because the main is located on a hillside Kennedy said repairs become more difficult.

“It is a good infrastructure improvement for our water system,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said they were glad to receive the grant so they can make the proper repairs to the water main.

“These kinds of funds allow the village to keep up the system without going to water users and increasing our water rates,” Kennedy said. “It really saves our customers.”