Local summer league baseball gets into swing of things

As we enter into the dog days of summer, few things beat heading down to the ballpark for some quality time with friends and family while watching some hardball.

Among those few things that beat heading to downtown to catch a performance by the local professional team are a couple of alternatives in Clermont County that will give you some of the same enjoyment for a fraction of the cost.

Clermont County has turned into a hotbed for youth baseball over the past few decades, giving locals an alternative to the highly-priced product that takes place at Great American Ballpark.

Two organizations in particular are leading the way in alternative baseball consumption: Flash Baseball and the Midland Redskins.

Both of these organizations offer state-of-the-art complexes with multiple fields and amenities to offer families of players and fans alike a great way to watch some high-quality baseball.

Michael and Pamela Daly as a way to “give many local boys the opportunity to find passion in the sport” founded the Flash Baseball Organization 20 years ago.

“I always say that God made man from dirt,” Daly said as he explained why he has put so much time, money and effort into the organization. “There’s something magic about the dirt. Boys love dirt. They like to plow it up or work on it with tools and baseball puts fathers and sons in the dirt together.”

The Flash is a travel baseball organization that offers 14 teams participating the Southwest Ohio Baseball League as well as hosting 15 tournaments throughout the season at their Flash Baseball Complex, which is in the Daly’s backyard.

The facility provides 10 professionally maintained grass infields, five lighted fields, an air-conditioned arcade, outdoor batting cages, indoor restrooms, playgrounds and a 19-acre lake.

The Flash Complex added an on-site indoor training facility and a restaurant that serves a variety of healthy foods.

Located in Bethel, Ohio, the Flash are redefining what summer ball is all about. For more information on the organization or to see the teams’ schedule, visit flashbaseball.org.

The Midland Redskins, founded by Joe Hayden about 30 years ago, have been the standard bearers for amateur baseball in Clermont County for the past few decades.

Starting with Hayden coaching his sons, the organization has grown to its current size through the dedication and time put in by those who love baseball.

Located in Amelia, the Redskins complex boasts a professionally maintained playing field, an indoor batting cage and a four-bay equipment garage.

The Redskins have paved the way to stardom for many local heroes including Todd Benzinger and Barry Larkin.

The Redskins have catptured multiple Connie Mack World Series along with countless other awards. For more information on the Redskins teams and schedules, visit midlandredskins.org.