Grant Career Center holds Class of 2012 Senior Recognition and Award Ceremony

Co-Valedictorians Brandon Kirk and DeeAnna Dameron share words of wisdom and advice with the Class of 2012 at the Grant Career Center Senior Recognition Ceremony.
Grant Career Center has recognized the 146 seniors who completed their career training requirements and earned their career and technical certificates from the career center.

The students received their diplomas from their home high schools of Bethel-Tate, Felicity-Franklin, New Richmond, or Williamsburg.

The Senior Recognition and Award Ceremony was held at the Bethel-Tate Middle School on Monday, May 21.

Students, parents, guests, and Career Center staff celebrated the academic achievements of the students as they completed the secondary phase of their education. Students received their Career and Technical Education Certificates and Career Passports in the ceremony that concluded their training at Grant.

Honored as Valedictorians at the Career Center were DeeAnna Dameron, Cosmetology, Bethel-Tate, and Brandon Kirk, Metal Fabrication, Felicity-Franklin.

Honored as College Tech Prep Valedictorians were College Tech Prep Allied Health Science students Mariah Conger and Chris Paul, both from Felicity-Franklin.

Students named as Outstanding Senior in each of their respective programs were Marshall Sherman, Auto Collision; Ashley Perry, Horticulture; Cyra Jones, College Tech Prep Engineering Design; Christopher Taylor, College Tech Prep Allied Health Science; Crystal Neulist, Culinary Careers; Brandon Kirk, Metal Fabrication;

Amber Binning, Medical Information Tech; Brittany Bates, Business and Finance; DeeAnna Dameron and Brittney Taylor, Cosmetology; Sammi Gregory, The Teacher Academy; Garrek Canter, Automotive Service Technology; Vincinz Weesner, Carpentry; and Katelyn Bogart, Cooperative Education.

Other awards presented during the Ceremony included the James Lumpkins Award for a student pursuing a career in the Military Service, received this year by Logan Fields, Metal Fabrication.

Logan Fields was also the recipient of the Earl Ellis Memorial Award, a $500 Grant awarded to a student entering the military. The Keith Boys Grant, a $500 scholarship, presented annually to an outstanding Engineering Design student pursuing education in that field, was given to Jacob Foster.

A $500 scholarship developed by the Grant Career Center staff, and designated as The Grant Faculty and Staff Award, was presented to seven outstanding seniors: DeeAnna Dameron, Cosmetology; Heather Alexander, Automotive Service Technology; Mackenzie Turner, The Teacher Academy; and Catherine Bennett, Mariah Conger, Shelby Lucas and Alyssa Weis, College Tech Prep Allied Health Science. Two Faculty and Staff Apprenticeship Tool Scholarships of $250 were given to Metal Fabrication students Travis Hounshell and Brandon Kirk who have been accepted into local unions.

Other scholarship awards include a Success Grant presented to Michelle Lindquist, Horticulture; and the Hosta Society of Southwestern Ohio Award, presented to Ashley Perry, Horticulture.

English Awards were presented by Gerald Bierly, Kathy Newman, and Jen Pfeffer to the following seniors: Heather Alexander, Brittany Bates (2), Allison Brunner, Brittany Crumpton, DeeAnna Dameron (2), Frank Frasher, Brandon Kirk (2), Claire Lewis-LaJoye, Michelle Lindquist, Ashley Perry (2), Brandy Reed, Jason Thompson, Vincinz Weesner (2), Samantha Welch, and Zach Zieger.

Social Studies Awards were presented by John Swarthout and Steve Olivieri to Heather Alexander, Brittany Bates, Cody Dodson, Kayla Dryden, Logan Fields, Frank Frasher, Cyra Jones, Brandon Kirk, Christopher Taggert, Brittany Warren, Vincinz Weesner, and Samantha Welch.

Science Awards were presented by Kevin Miller, Nancy Weis and Myrna Little to the following students: Heather Alexander, Brittany Bates, Allison Brunner, Mariah Conger, DeeAnna Dameron, Frank Frasher, Brandon Kirk, Shelby Lucas, Crystal Neulist, Ashley Perry, and Vincinz Weesner.

Math Awards were presented by Earl Bradley and Marty Patrick to Brittany Bates, Jake Bishop, Allison Brunner, Garrek Canter, Mariah Conger, DeeAnna Dameron, Jacob Hamblin, Brandon Kirk, Michelle Lindquist, Katelin Loudermilk, Shelby Lucas, Crystal Neulist, Christopher Paul, Ashley Perry, and Vincinz Weesner.

Students recognized for Perfect Attendance included: Morgan Adams*, Rhonda Alcorn, Darrell Bates, Tara Brewer*, Christian Broach, Mariah Conger, DeeAnna Dameron, Derrick Dillow*, Kayla Dryden, Taylor Dryden*, Paige Durbin, Savanna Fields*, Jacob Foster, Lyle Fry*, Brianna Hobbs, Travis Hounshell, Cyra Jones, Brandon Kirk*, Emily Kyer, Michelle Lindquist*, Shelby Lucas*, Matthew Mansell*, Tyler Miller*, Christopher Paul*, Casey Posey, Justin Sizemore, Christopher Taylor, Mackenzie Turner, Clay Wehrum*, and Samantha Welch*. Students with an asterisk (*) had Perfect Attendance for both years at Grant Career Center.

The following students completed the requirement of their career training curriculum and were presented with their Certificates of Completion from Superintendent Kenneth Morrison:

Allied Health Science: Catherine Bennett, Tara Brewer, Mariah Conger, Kayla Dryden, Paige Durbin, Savanna Fields, Zachary Houchin, Emily Kyer, Shelby Lucas, Erin Meyer, Christopher Paul, Nicole Payton, Robert See, Kara Solomon, Christopher Taylor, Alyssa Weis.

Auto Collision: Darrell Bates, Nathan Comberger, Shane Demaris, Franklin Frasher, Coty Hale, Rodney List, Ryan Logan, Tyler Malicoat, Justin Piast, Marshall Sherman,Justin Sizemore, Jason Thompson.

Automotive Service Technology: Heather Alexander, Garrek Canter, Joshua Coulter, Jacob Hamblin, David Hammock III, Mercury Mullins, Dustin Neel, Terry Planck,Cassandra Seibert, Ryan Whittymore.

Business and Finance: Brittany Bates, Jacob Bishop, Mason Lynn.

Carpentry: Christopher Clark, Jordan Collins, Cody Dodson, Craig Fuhrman, Anthony Gibson, Eric Sodders, Adam Strunk, Vincinz Weesner.

Cooperative Education: Tori Arwine, Chase Beck, Katelyn Bogart, Cody K. Erkenbrecher, Dakota Gregory-Edgington, Dacota Highley, Spencer Ireton, Ashley Lanigan, Stephen M. Lewis, Elizabeth Claire Lewis-LaJoye, Logan Sanderson, Terry Simms, Jr., Christopher Taggert, Jordan Terry.

Cosmetology: Morgan Adams, Savannah Curso, DeeAnna Dameron, Caroline Dillow, Rachelle Dominick, Sara Guenther, Hannah M. Knipp, Sarah Moore, Andrea Philpott, Brittney Taylor, Jessie Vanderpool, Stephany Ward.

Culinary Careers: Kimberly Hess, Christopher Lambert, Sean Lane, Brandy Littleton,Crystal S. Neulist, Amanda R. Ortman, Larry L. Reffit, Zachary Zieger.

Engineering Design: Christian Broach. Derrick M. Dillow. Taylor P. Dryden, Jacob T. Foster, Lyle S. Fry, Cyra E. Jones, Matthew Mansell, Tyler K. Miller, Robert G. Ridener, Jeremy M. Trester, Clayton R. Wehrum.

Horticulture: Angel Belt, Derek Downs, Michelle Lindquist, Katelin Loudermilk,George McCollum, Ashley Perry, Tyler Pierce, Brandy Reed.

Medical Information Tech: Rhonda Alcorn, Amber Binning, Megan Blank, Sherry A. Bowling, Allison Brunner, Brittany Crumpton, Mickayla Dahlheimer, Jessica Fellabaum, Brittany Hance, Montana Hayes, Autumn Henson, Brianna Hobbs, Sydney L. Knipp, Kari Nickell, Jade See, Heather Souder, Alisha Tolin, Lauren Troxell, Brittany Warren, Samantha Welch.

Metal Fabrication: Joshua East, Logan Fields, Jonathon Freeman, Lantz Haggard,Dyllon Hall, Travis Hounshell, Logan Houser, Blake D. Hurtt, Brandon Kirk, Jeffrey Mack, Jordan Manning, Jeremy Moore, Joseph A. Nelson, Zachary T. Pridemore,Zakary Riddle, David A. Rose II, Jordan Smith.

The Teacher Academy: Samantha Gregory, Rachel Heflin, Lindsay Kennedy, Casey Posey, Toshia Reffit, Mackenzie Turner, Sarah Van Over.