UC Clermont to host open house

University of Cincinnati, Clermont College will be providing a one-stop-shop opportunity for prospective students April 26 during an open house held at the Batavia campus.

“We offer personal, student-centered education,” Dean Greg Sojka said about the college. “This is an opportunity to come talk to the people involved.”

Sojka said students will be able to speak with teachers, learn about degree programs offered at Clermont College, explore the campus and more.

The open house will be held from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. April 28. Prospective students and their families are welcome to attend.

“It’s a quick easy way for anyone to come take a tour or get a feel for the place,” Mae Hanna, director of college relations at Clermont College, said about the open house. “It is a quick, productive evening.”

Hanna said over the last couple years they have had hundreds of people attend the open house, and prospective students also have the opportunity to begin the application process while they are there.

“If they are interested, they can apply for admission that night and we waive the fee,” Sojka said.

The application fee is normally $50. Students who apply will also be entered to win a free three-credit hour class valued at $630.

Sojka said what is great about Clermont College is it is part of the University of Cincinnati but offers a variety of degree programs closer to home for students who may have other obligations.

“I think a number of them have families and work,” Sojka said about students. “The idea of the commute and being a residential student doesn’t fit into their life. We provide opportunities to let them utilize their potential.”

Clermont College offers more than 50 associate degrees and certificate programs, and Sojka said the college is continuing to offer more programs.

“We’re trying to provide more choices for students, yet it is still UC,” Sojka said.

Just last fall, Clermont College added the Bachelor’s of Applied Administration program, which is designed for people who already hold a technical associate degree such as Associate of Applied Science or an Associate of Applied Business.

Sojka said they are already looking into adding another bachelor’s degree for applied health students at the University of Cincinnati, UC East campus as well.

“There is a place for you here,” Sojka said. “And there are a lot of choices.”

The open house will be held in the Snyder and Edith Peters-Jones building at Clermont College, located at 4200 Clermont College Drive in Batavia. Parking is available anywhere on campus.

For more information about Clermont College or the open house, call (513) 732-5319 or visit www.ucclermont.edu.