Math 24 Challenge attracts 51 New Richmond students

The finalists gather for a picture prior to the final round of the Math 24 Challenge District Tournament at Locust Corner Elementary. Front row from left are Jonah Hanrahan, Allison Longnecker, Maria Trimble, Spencer Burress, Hailey Jowers and Holly Chandler; back row, Cody Morris, Mathew Cox, Jason Ackerman, Jacob Noble, Sawyer Scheu and Jacob Heskamp.
On a March Saturday when elementary age students were flocking outside to take advantage of a perfect spring day, 51 students from the New Richmond Exempted Village School District gathered at Locust Corner Elementary for the Math 24 Challenge District Tournament.

“We had 60 students sign up this year (up from 54 last year), and 51 showed up (up from 43 last year)!” said Vicky Phillips, New Richmond’s gifted intervention specialist. “That is a success in itself, especially for such a beautiful day.”

This year’s winners were Jacob Heskamp, sixth grade from Monroe Elementary; Sawyer Scheu, fifth grade from Monroe; and Cody Morris from New Richmond Elementary and Jonah Hanrahan from Monroe Elementary, fourth grade tie.

The object of the Math 24 Challenge is to find a way to manipulate four numbers to equal 24 using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division using single digit cards.

Students competed three or four to a table with a proctor who puts a card into play. The first student that touches the card (anywhere), with no more than three finger tips may solve the card.

“All three schools were fairly equally represented, and all three PTOs sponsored the event,” said Ms. Phillips. “And a special thanks to all of our proctors. It was wonderful to see so many students and parents excited enough about math to come for a tournament on a beautiful and busy Saturday morning!”