Drug take back day will be April 28

Clermont County residents will have an opportunity to dispose of expired or unused drugs during National Prescription Drug Take Back Day April 28.

“The national event occurs twice a year and Clermont County will continue to participate,” Heidi Nykolayko, director of the Coalition for a Drug Free Clermont County said.

Nykolayko said during the October event last year they collected more than 300 pounds of prescription drugs, and she anticipates they will collect even more this year.

Nykolayko said the event is held so citizens can dispose of their medications properly.

“It is not safe to keep old medications in your home,” Nykolayko said. “When they are outdated, they are not good to take, they are not safe for children and you run the risk of those drugs being taken and misused by someone else.”

Nykolayko said that with the prescription drug problem in the nation and in the county, residents should be careful about the medications they leave in their home.

“There have been instances during real estate open houses, people say they need to go to the bathroom and steal drugs,” Nykolayko said.

Nykolayko said many people also don’t expect that their children, children’s friends, neighbors or other people who come into their home, may also be searching for medications.

“It is smart to get rid of anything that is unused and to lock up anything you are using,” Nykolayko said.

In addition to drug abuse, Nykolayko said medications can also be dangerous if they have expired or if they are taken by someone else.

“If it expires, some medications lose their potency,” she said. “Another reason not to keep it around is you should never share your medications with another family member. They may respond to it differently.”

Nykolayko said they will not collect liquid medicine or sharps at the drug take back locations, but any prescription medication and even over the counter medications will be collected.

“There are six drop off locations in the county at this time,” Nykolayko said. “All of them have to be manned by law enforcement.”

The drop off locations include the Amelia Police Department, Bethel Fire Department, the Central Joint Fire-EMS in Batavia, Pierce Township Police Department, Target in Milford and Union Township Civic Center.

The Amelia, Bethel, Milford, Pierce Township and Union Township police departments as well as the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, will be enforcing the drop off areas.

The drop off locations will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. April 28.

Once residents drop their unwanted medications off at one of the locations, Nykolayko said the Drug Enforcement Administration will collect and destroy the medications.

For more information about National Prescription Drug Take Back Day call (513) 735-8159.