Tornado begins new life as Ozzie

Sandy Mangan of Bethel and Ozzie, right after she adopted him at the Clermont County Animal Shelter.

Sandy Mangan of Bethel and Ozzie, right after she adopted him at the Clermont County Animal Shelter.
When Sandy Mangan first saw the skinny yellow lab/hound mix, she knew there was something special about him.

“It was right after the tornado went through. The power was out on our street in Bethel, so our neighbors’ dogs were out of their electric fence. That was when I first saw the sad-looking dog nearby; he had recent cuts and scrapes on his head and body. He didn’t have a collar. He had the sweetest eyes,” said Mangan, as she affectionately patted the dog’s head. “I took him home, and he leaned against me as I drove. I thought he was someone’s pet that had gotten lose during the storms, so I contacted the Clermont County Animal Shelter. They kept him for 10 days trying to locate his owner.” As she prepared to adopt “Tornado” (as he was named at the shelter), she admits it was love at first sight.

“I knew he was meant to be with us, and I called several times to make sure we were notified when he was available for adoption. He’s been re-named Ozzie,” she said as the dog licked her face.

“Ozzie is about 15 pounds underweight,” said Clermont Animal Shelter Animal Control Officer Debra Wood. “He’s been outside for awhile.”

All of that changes, beginning today, when Sandy and her husband T.J. welcome the dog into their family, where he will join the couple’s other two, four-legged children.

“Tonight Ozzie will sleep in his own bed, play with his new toys, get a good dinner, and then get to know his adoptive family,” said Mangan.

While Ozzie is enjoying his new home, “Dorothy,” the other Clermont County dog found wandering after the storms, is still homeless. The two to three-year-old hound mix was found along US 52 near SR 222 in Point Pleasant.

“This dog was shy and skittish at first, but has quickly warmed up and is quite mellow,” said Wood. “Her owner hasn’t come forward, so we need to find a new home for her. She gets along well with other pets and appears to have been an inside dog.” If you are interested in adopting “Dorothy” or any of the other wonderful animals at the Clermont County Animal Shelter, call (513) 732-8854.