Grant Career Center cosmetology students visit Salon and Spa Expo

Grant Career Center Cosmetology students DeeAnna Dameron, Molly Bloomfield, Morgan Adams, and Courtney Poe visit beach Long Beach as part of their Hair Show experience.
The students in the Cosmetology program at Grant Career Center have a unique incentive for perfect attendance, honor roll grades, school and community involvement, and a positive attitude. They can earn a trip to The International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, California.

This year, two Cosmetology juniors and two seniors have earned the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime event. Molly Bloomfield, Courtney Poe, Morgan Adams, and DeeAnna Dameron (all from Bethel), traveled in late January to experience the wonders of the Salon Expo.

The group spent several days at the Hair Show and saw all kinds of new styles that will be trendsetters for the next year and some fantastic creations that will never leave California. Students also saw demonstrations, new products, and fashions that are up-and-coming in the beauty and fashion world.

Besides the educational aspects of the trip, the students also had the chance to sightsee the many facets of Long Beach and shop until they dropped. Students had the opportunity to experience first-hand the variety of restaurants and shopping areas that make Long Beach unique.

The Cosmetology students came back with wonderful memories and new skills. Junior Molly Bloomfield said, “This is one experience I will never forget! I loved sitting in on an up do styling technique class.”

Junior Courtney Poe had a hard time putting the experience into a few words. “I liked the whole experience. It was awesome!” Both juniors created posters and presentations to share with their classmates to encourage them to work towards earning the trip next year.

The seniors had already heard about how great it was from last year’s winners and were primed for a first-hand experience. Morgan Adams felt that the session on ergonomics in cutting and styling was very interesting and would be useful when working in the salon full-time.

DeeAnna Dameron was highly impressed with the session presented by the CHI product line. “It was a great opportunity to meet top stylists and learn from their expertise. The stylists did an awesome job in the show!”

Morgan summed up the trip for them all. “It was a great memory-making trip. It is something we will never forget. Thanks for making this dream come true.”

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