Two arrested after crime spree

Clermont County investigators assisted in the arrest of two burglars who engaged in a three-state crime spree stealing thousands of dollars worth of items.

Jason Lafountain, 23, and Natasha Money, 20, both of Kentucky were arrested in London, Ky., after a home burglary. Prior to the arrest, however, Clermont County police were investigating eight burglaries in Jackson and Stonelick townships.

The investigation led to the indictment of Lafountain and Money in Clermont County.

Sheriff Tim Rodenberg said eight burglaries were reported in Jackson and Stonelick townships Jan. 9 to Feb. 16.

Rodenberg said evidence was found at the scene, and witnesses also described a silver van being driven by a female.

On Feb. 6, one of the suspects also used a stolen credit card at a local gas station and was recorded on video surveillance. The video revealed images of a suspect as well as a silver Chevrolet Venture minivan, similar to the one witnesses described.

February 19, while working with Covington police, investigators were notified that two pillow cases containing jewelry boxes and miscellaneous documents were discovered at a hotel parking lot in Covington. The male and female suspects were captured again on video surveillance, this time using a stolen ID from Sandusky, Ohio.

“Investigators traveled to Sandusky to follow up and met the owner of the stolen ID,” Sheriff Rodenberg said. “She identified Jason Lafountaine, whom she had known while living in Laurel County, Ky.”

Investigators then determined Jason Lafountain and Natasha Money had been arrested a day earlier in London after another burglary. An executed search warrant at their rental home in Lexington Ky. revealed additional stolen items from a Clermont County home.

“Additional search warrants were executed that resulted in the recovery of many stolen items belonging to individuals living in Clermont County,” Chief Deputy Rick Combs said. “Our investigative teams again traveled to Kentucky counties and assisted in the arrest of Natasha Money, who had been released by Kentucky authorities.”

According to Combs, both suspects are currently in jail in Kentucky and have warrants filed in both Kentucky and Tennessee.

“Currently this is a three-state crime spree, where dozens of burglaries were committed in part to sustain a drug habit,” Combs said.

Combs said it is reported that more than $80,000 in money, possessions and damages were stolen or resulted from the burglaries.

He said investigators met with home owners who were victims of the burglaries March 1, and they were able to assist in identifying property found as a result of the search warrants.

Lafountain and Money were indicted by a Clermont County Grand Jury March 14 on eight counts of burglary and three counts of grand theft of a firearm in the county.

“No one in Clermont County was injured due to the burglaries,” Combs said.