Career Center Business Professionals of America participate in competition

Grant Career Center Business Professionals of America Region 13 Winners.
The Grant Career Center chapter of the Business Professionals of America proved that they were ready to “Reach New Heights” in 2011-2012 as they did their best to make their way to this spring’s national conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Twenty-nine students started their journey by winning 51 competitive event medals in District 13 Regional Competition at Grant Career Center.

Sixteen students earned the privilege to represent Grant Career Center at the State Competition in Columbus on March 15 and 16, 2012. Regional winners competing at state level competition are denoted with an *:

Keyboarding Production- 1st place -Kayla Taulbee* (New Richmond), 3rd place – Mariah Norris (New Richmond), 4th place – Phyllis Hammock (Bethel-Tate); Fundamental Word Processing – 2nd place – Amber Binning* (New Richmond), 3rd place – Samantha Welch (Bethel-Tate), 4th place – Monica Craig (Felicity-Franklin)), 5th place – Ciera Preston (Felicity-Franklin);

Advanced Word Processing – 1st place – Brittany Simpson (New Richmond), 2nd place – Brittany Hance* (Williamsburg), 4th place – Brianna Hobbs (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Mickayla Dahlheimer (Bethel-Tate); Advanced Office Systems and Procedures – 1st place – Amanda Walls* (New Richmond), 2nd place – Mickayla Dahlheimer* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Brianna Hobbs (Felicity-Franklin), 4th place – Autumn Henson (Felicity-Franklin), 5th place – Sydney Knipp (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Rhonda Alcorn (Williamsburg);

Basic Office Systems and Procedures – 1st place – Ciara Mills* (New Richmond), 2nd place – Samantha Welch* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Ciera Preston (Felicity-Franklin), 6th place – Jessica Fellabaum (Bethel-Tate); Medical Office Procedures – 1st place – Brittany Simpson (New Richmond), 2nd place – Jessica Fellabaum* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Mariah Norris* (New Richmond), 4th place – Amber Binning (New Richmond), 5th place – Kari Nickell (Williamsburg), 6th place – Megan Blank (Felicity-Franklin);

Interview Skills – 1st place – Brianna Jackson* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Shawnta Sweet (Bethel-Tate), 4th place – Miranda Hardin (New Richmond); Payroll Accounting – 2nd place – Brittany Bates (Williamsburg); Advanced Accounting – 1st place – Jacob Bishop* (Williamsburg), 2nd place – Mason Lynn* (Bethel-Tate); Advanced Spreadsheet Applications– 1st place – Brittany Bates* (Williamsburg), 2nd place – Mason Lynn (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Jacob Bishop (Williamsburg);

Administrative Support Concepts -5th place – Mariah Norris (New Richmond); Financial Math and Analysis – 1st place – Brianna Jackson (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place – Brittany Simpson (New Richmond), 3rd place – Brittany Bates (Williamsburg); Management/Marketing/Human Resource Concepts – 4th place – Brittany Warren (Williamsburg), 5th place – Mickayla Dahlheimer (Bethel-Tate); Business Meetings Management Concepts – 1st place Brianna Jackson (Bethel-Tate), 2nd place – Brittany Bates (Williamsburg), 3rd place – Mason Lynn (Bethel-Tate);

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications- 2nd place – Brittany Warren* Williamsburg), 4th place – Kari Nickell (Williamsburg); Fundamental Accounting – 2nd place – Phyllis Hammock* (Bethel-Tate), 3rd place – Austin Caldwell (Williamsburg), 6th place – Lizzie Peace (Felicity-Franklin); Integrated Office Applications – 3rd place – Jade See* (Williamsburg).

The Grant Career Center Chapter of Business Professionals of America is the youth organization for the business programs at the Career Center including Business and Finance and Medical Information Tech. Region 13 comprises schools in Adams, Brown, Clermont, Highland and Fayette Counties, and the Forest Hills School District in Hamilton County. The students are taught at Grant Career Center by Jana Adams, Linda Back and Shelia Farrell.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for any student preparing for careers in business and information technology. Its mission is to contribute to the preparation of a world-class work force through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.