Tender Towne open and serving unique fare in Amelia

Nabih David, left, and Leila David, brother-and-sister owners of Tender Towne stand outside the recently opened restaurant in Withamsville.
A unique fast food restaurant opened on Ohio Pike Feb. 20 specializing in tender, hand-breaded chicken that is served hot and fresh every day.

“The food is high quality,” Nabih David, part owner of Tender Towne and vice president of David Restaurant Group, said. “It is not your cookie-cutter product.”

David said that while the food is served fast, it does not feel like the customer is eating at a fast food restaurant. The dining room is upscale with comfortable seating, TVs and Wi Fi, and customers enjoy generous portions of hot, fresh food.

“The chicken tenders are fresh and hand-breaded, never frozen,” David said. “I would consider us above the fast food category.”

He said menu items include different variations of the signature tenders as well as garlic toast, cole slaw, fries and other sides and there is also a secret recipe tender sauce. Customers can eat in, drive through or carry out and a meal typically costs $7-$8.

David, who also oversees Butterbee’s American Grille down the street, said the idea behind Tender Towne was to create a new concept in the restaurant industry.

“We’ve been in the restaurant business a long time,” David said. “We felt we need to provide this area with a fast, casual restaurant and hot, fresh food in a great environment.”

David said they purchased the restaurant, which was formerly an Arby’s, last year and completely renovated the space. They opened Tender Towne Feb. 20.

Karen Harrison, a Milford resident who was one of many customers who ate at Tender Towne the first week, said the food was great and she would recommend eating at the restaurant.

Joshua Baker, general manager of the restaurant, said since it has been open, they have heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers.

“We’re really excited about it,” Baker said about how things are going so far. “We are glad to be able to bring our business here to the community.”

Tender Towne is located at 603 Ohio Pike. David said they could offer the restaurant in more than one location in the future.