Grant Career Center second quarter Top Performers have been recognized

Grant Career Center Second Quarter Top Performers.
Grant Career Center recently held the Second Quarter Attendance and Awards Assembly where students were recognized for achievements during the second quarter.

Students received Perfect Attendance Awards and Honor Roll Certificates for their efforts. The Top Performers in each program were also announced for the second quarter.

Instructors select Top Performers each quarter by using varying objectives ranging from grades, business and industry readiness, special projects, or improvements. Students are recognized for their efforts with a special certificate for their career passport, and a gift card or payment of fees.

Students announced as Top Performers for the Second Quarter include: Allied Health Science, Kelsey Mitchel and Alyssa Weis; Auto Collision, Kyle Puckett, Devin Donell, Marshall Sherman and Frank Frasher; Automotive Service Technology, Michael Vornhagen, Bryan Simmons, Josh Coulter and Garrek Canter; Business and Finance, Phyllis Hammock and Jacob Bishop; Carpentry, Jeremy Lewis, Angelo Quiles, Vincinz Weesner and Eric Sodders;

Cooperative Education, Katelyn Bogart and Claire Lewis-LaJoye; Cosmetology, Chelsey Hopper and Sarah Moore; Culinary Careers, Tiffanie Clifford, Ashley Miller, Brandy Littleton and Crystal Neulist; Engineering Design, Travis bee, Jake Foster and Lyle Fry; Horticulture, Amber Snodgrass, Coralena Emmons, Ashley Perry, Michelle Lindquist and Katelin Loudermilk; Medical Information Tech, Ciara Mills, Shawnta Sweet, Samantha Welch and Brittany Warren; Metal Fabrication, Esteven Peacock, Dustin Woodruff, Brandon Kirk and Jordan Smith; The Teacher Academy, Toshia Reffit and Sammi Gregory.

As the Third Quarter begins, program instructors are setting new goals for the students to work toward in hopes of becoming the next Top Performer.