Tristate Medical Reserve Corps take part in mock dispensing exercise

Volunteers are essential when it comes to community assistance following an emergency situation. In Clermont County, 45 volunteers with the Tristate Medical Reserve Corps recently took part in a mock dispensing exercise during the Clermont County General Health District drive-thru flu shot clinic at the Clermont County Fairgrounds.

“Exercises like the mock dispensing clinic help volunteers train for the possibility they could one day be called upon to dispense medications to a large group of people, such as the 200,000 residents of the county,” said Clermont Health Commissioner Marty Lambert. “The volunteers with the TMRC worked with some health district employees during the exercise. We are fortunate to have a great group of trained volunteers with the TMRC; we welcome others in the community to join.”

The TMRC is a group of non–medical and medical volunteers that may be activated to assist a local community, health department, or other agency during an emergency. Volunteers may also be activated to respond to a national emergency. In a public health emergency, volunteer responses may include: the receipt and distribution of emergency medical supplies; the setup and operation of a mass medication dispensing or mass vaccination sites; the setup and operation of triage, medical screening, and alternative care centers; assist in the operation of shelters during disasters or providing emergency public information to our communities. All types of volunteers are needed, including: office staff, social services personnel, clerks, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, clergy, veterinarians for the animals, dentists, and more. Locally there are nearly 2,000 registered TMRC volunteers from southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana.

During the mock dispensing clinic, a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) was also activated to help organize volunteers as they arrived at the clinic. “This county is privileged to have the Clermont County Developmental Disabilities agency involved with the coordination of volunteers at the VRC,” said Lambert. If you are interested in volunteering for the TMRC or would like additional information, visit the website or call Carol Kisner at the Clermont County General Health District at (513) 735-8412. Send email requests to