ATM machines have been installed at county offices

Common Pleas Clerk of Courts Barbara Wiedenbein with the new ATM machine at the auto title office in Batavia.
Conducting business at several county offices has become a little more convenient thanks to the efforts of our elected officials.

Automated Teller Machines have been installed at the One-Stop office in Batavia, which houses the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, along with the Clermont County Clerk of Court’s Title Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol Driver Exam Station, and at the auto title office at 1011 Lila Ave. in the Milford Shopping Center.

“We decided to do this as a service to our customers,” Barbara Wiedenbein, Common Pleas Clerk of Courts said. “This is something that our customers have asked for, and we have been thinking about this for a while.”

Wiedenbein said that many customers assume that the offices accept credit cards, and do not have their checkbooks with them when they come in to conduct business. Not having an ATM close by was an added inconvenience for those customers.

Wiedenbein had the opportunity at a clerk’s association conference to ask other clerks what vendors they use for ATM service. She decided on a local vendor, Rain1 Payment Solutions, located in Loveland. The contract was approved by the county commissioners in September.

There is a $1.75 fee for using the ATM which the vendor charges, but the county offices will not make any money on the machines.

“We’re not doing this to make money,” Wiedenbein said. “People are already in trouble these days, I don’t want to gouge them.”