UC Clermont wins $5,000 grant from Humana to fund walking path

UC Clermont College won a $5,000 grant from health and benefits company, Humana Inc. to help fund a Walking Path project on the campus in Batavia.

“While our college provides opportunities to exercise our minds through academic programs, we are pleased to receive the support of the Humana Communities Benefit grant in conveying the importance of exercising our bodies as well through the development of the campus walking path,” said UC Clermont College Dean Greg Sojka.

The college currently provides no outdoor space dedicated to physical activity and the current sidewalk system provides a disjointed pedestrian experience. The walking path will provide a safe opportunity for 4,000 students, faculty and staff to engage in physical activity. The path will serve as a centerpiece for the scenic campus and community wellness campaign.

“This important investment transforms the culture of our entire Appalachian community by providing physical space dedicated to wellness and healthy living, making a positive impact for generations. Thank you Humana for your investment in our health and wellness,” said Sojka.

The Walking Path Project includes four phases, the first one being a one-mile continuous fitness loop which utilizes existing sidewalks and promotes visibility at intersections. The estimated cost of Phase 1 is $100,000. Those interested in investing in the advancement of this project can contact Meredith Delaney, Director of Development for UC Clermont College, at (513) 558-9964.

Humana Inc. announced the grant recently during a gala dinner, its fourth annual Humana Communities Benefit program in Cincinnati.