Batavia schools celebrate ‘excellence’

Superintendent Jill Grubb speaks at Monday's meeting.

Batavia teachers, staff and administrators came together Aug. 29 to celebrate last year’s achievements before the start of the 2012 school year.

Armed with noise makers and ready to cheer, teachers and staff listened as administrators went over Batavia’s results on the Ohio Department of Education state report card, which was finalized Aug. 24.

The district received an excellent rating, met 25 of 26 indicators, had a performance index of 99.3 met the adequate yearly progress measure, and met the value-added measure.

“It is an accomplishment that each and every one of you should be proud of,” Michael Enriquez, school board president, said.

Indicators included the different subjects tested through elementary, middle and high school. The performance index measured the achievement of each student enrolled for the full academic year. Adequate yearly progress measured scores, graduation rate and attendance rate of different student demographics. And value added represented the progress the district has made since the previous year.

The elementary school had a performance index of 102.1 and excelled in all areas except adequate yearly progress. The middle school received its first-ever excellent rating and highest performance index of 97.2, and the high school met all indicators and also received its highest performance index of 101.3.

“We are proud of that data,” Batavia High School Principal Jamie Corrill said. “But there is no data that does what you all do in the classroom. You all make it excellent.”

Teachers and staff members were thanked and recognized by administrators for their hard work and many cheered as the numbers from the report card were announced.

“It is awesome,” Mary Bradburn, a gifted language arts teacher, said about the results. “It is validation for all the hard work. We have always been excellent, now we can say we’re excellent.”

Superintendent Jill Grubb speaks at Monday's meeting.
said it is the best the district has done on a report card and asked for continued commitment from the teachers to work together, especially during the difficult economic climate that has affected the district.

“I have all the confidence in the world we are going to meet and exceed all the goals we set,” Superintendent Grubb said.