Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail enjoyed by many

Andy and Rachelle Dickerson and their sons A. J., Walter, and Elijah begin a bicycle trip on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail in Milford.

Andy and Rachelle Dickerson and their sons A. J., Walter, and Elijah begin a bicycle trip on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail in Milford.
The Little Miami Scenic Trail is enjoyed by the vast majority of Clermont countians who have ventured in places along its 78-mile course.

The trail begins in Newtown in Hamilton County and ends in Springfield. It travels through five Ohio counties that are full of rich history. The counties include Clermont, Hamilton, Warren, Clark, and Greene.

It is believed to be the longest paved trail in the United States and follows along the area of the Little Miami River. It is designated as a State and National Scenic River. It became designated as Ohio’s first scenic river on Apr. 23, 1969, and was later designated as a national scenic river.

Obviously from the designations, the trail travels amidst a very beautiful country through southwestern Ohio.

The Dickerson family of Milford loves to take advantage of the closeness of the trail and its beauty and history.

Andy and Rachelle Dickerson usually travel the trail by bicycle, but many people run upon it too.

It’s a great and safe way to get exercise and view the beautiful scenery all along the trail. I wish I could ride on it more,” said Mr. Dickerson who was a three-sports star at Milford High School in the late 1980s. “I do run on it sometimes for my diet and to lose weight.

The multi-use trail is regarded by as very safe by those who must take advantage of it. Some people even ride horseback since it is a car-free trail and it is maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is more than 66 feet wide in many sections that allows for a lot of side-by-side traveling.

The five-member Dickerson family makes great use of the trail’s width.

“I like the trail because it’s like riding on a road, but safer and wider for my friends and me,” said 10-yard old AJ Dickerson. “People my age should ride it because it’s so fun and people are next to each other like riding in a car.”

Walter Dickerson is 6-years old and the youngest of the Dickersons’ three sons. He said, “I like to ride and walk the trail with my friends and that is a lot of fun for us. I think all of my friends like the trail.”

Elijah Dickerson is 8-years old and he agrees with his brothers. “The trail is big enough you can ride fast and I like that more than walking or running the trail. It’s really a lot of fun especially when I’m with my friends.”

People who travel the trail pass along many historical markers and a great number of them take the time to stop or rest and read the history. The markers tell the stories of the areas in which they are located including, village, Native American, underground railroad, and early modes of travel.

The trail was created along the right of way of the old Little Miami Railroad. President-elect Abraham Lincoln traveled this railroad on his way to Washington D.C. for his inauguration. He stopped in Milford on his way to the nation’s capital and spoke to a crowd there.

Despite the history, beauty, and care of the trial it has experienced at times problems with its aging and great amount of use. It can be unsafe at some points, too.

One place, in particular, is in Clermont County in Loveland very close to the Clermont-Hamilton county line and the former Loveland Train Station where the trail intersects in the city with Crutchfield Place at Loveland Canoe and Kayak, Inc.

“It’s really nice. It’s great for the family. I know my friends and neighbors use it a lot,” said Rachelle Dickerson, the matriarch of the family and an elementary teacher in the Milford School District. “It adds a lot of good to Milford and brings people to see and learn about Milford. “The trail is a good thing for family, friends, and neighbors to do things together.”