Could your dog be the 2012 Clermont poster pooch?

Sue Radabaugh and Bailey at the home they share in Miami Township.

As 10-year-old Bailey Miles scoops up a Frisbee thrown to him in the driveway of his Miami Township home, his owner describes the unique bond she has with the mixed breed, who is the 2011 Clermont County Humane Society Poster Pooch.

Sue Radabaugh and Bailey at the home they share in Miami Township.

“Bailey is my soul mate. He is part of me. I cherish him,” said Sue Radabaugh, who adds she remembers the day she rescued Bailey from an animal shelter like it was yesterday. “He was only 6 to 8 weeks old,” she said. “I named him Bailey Miles, because I bailed him out of a shelter and had to drive miles to get him. That dog is really something!”

Bailey seems to understand every word Sue says; during a recent visit to his home, the shaggy dog lounged in a recliner watching the conversation his owner was having. As she clutched Bailey’s baby book, Sue said she has loved all the dogs she’s owned but there is something special about this one.

“He senses things and is very kind,” she said. “When I was working at Stepping Stones, Bailey came with me and became great friends with a number of people with disabilities. There was one little boy there who rarely spoke. One day Bailey walked over to him and put his paws gently on the knees of the boy who was confined to a wheelchair. The boy said dog – it was one of the few words he ever said.”

The Clermont County Humane Society selected Bailey as the 2011 Poster Pooch based on his adorable picture and the accompanying write-up from his owner on why Bailey should be selected.

“Bailey is a character and loves getting lots of attention,” said his proud owner. “Actually, the day of the awards ceremony naming him Poster Pooch, we think he was a little jealous that the second and third place dogs were getting awards too! He actually growled a little. That’s so Bailey.”

The Clermont County Humane Society invites all dog owners in the county to enter their pet in the search for the 2012 Poster Pooch. Details will be announced on the website and in early fall.