Bethel hires new zoning official

Bethel council members approved Kathy Cromer as the new zoning administrator/property maintenance code officer at their June 27 meeting. Cromer is replacing Ron Dunn, who resigned late last year.

“I’ve been doing zoning approximately nine years,” Cromer said when she introduced herself to council members. “I enjoy helping people in the community.”

Mayor James Dick brought Cromer in to speak with council members about her experience and to see if they had additional questions for the applicant.

“I feel it is a benefit for residents living in the community,” Comer said about why the position is important. “I feel like somebody has got to do it.”

Cromer has performed zoning duties for Wayne Township, Amelia village, Moscow and more. She said she is comfortable with the job responsibilities, which include enforcing zoning regulations, approving submitted zoning plans and more.

“We had a previous zoning administrator who’d been doing it a number of years,” Mayor Dick said about Dunn. “I was looking for the same thing. While other people were interested I wanted to focus on someone who had experience. Kathy certainly fits the bill.”

Mayor Dick said the village has been going through the hiring process since Dunn resigned last year and Travis Dotson, administrator, took over zoning duties during the process.

Council members asked Cromer a couple of questions at their June 27 meeting, including questions about her comfort level with handling the enforcement of maintenance codes such as high grass and parked unlicensed cars. Cromer went through procedures for these types of offenses and said while she is compassionate, she doesn’t put up with too many excuses.

Council members approved Cromer for the position and the new employee will soon begin both zoning and property maintenance duties for the village.