New Richmond council explores new levy idea

After the failure of a 3 mill tax levy in the May 2011 election, New Richmond council members are looking at making some changes for the next go-round.

“Instead of putting a 3-mill levy on, split it up,” Councilman Nick Wolf said at their June 14 meeting.

Wolf suggested splitting the levy up into specific uses, for example a cemetery levy, which he said is a good idea for the village. The levy would go toward upkeep for the cemeteries, which Wolf said have been deteriorating.

“It is difficult for us to ask people for money,” Wolf said. “Somehow instead of putting a 3 mill levy, split it up. People don’t know where it goes otherwise.”

Mayor Ramona Carr agreed with the idea and said if council members designate the money to a specific place, it can’t be used elsewhere.

Although some council members thought a cemetery levy was a good idea, when administrator Dave Kennedy suggested a street levy, it caught their attention.

“I think it would be extremely beneficial,” Kennedy said about a street levy.

He said they could use the money collected to improve streets and sidewalks throughout the village and residents would know when they voted that the money would be going toward these types of repairs.

Mayor Carr suggested rotating the levies instead of asking residents to vote for all of them at once, she said both the street and cemetery levy would be good to have.

No final decision was made on which levy, if any, will appear on the November 8 ballot. Council members will further discuss the idea at their upcoming meeting June 28.