Officers honored at police banquet

From left are Dep. Investigators Bernard Boerger, Matt Farmer, Lori Saylor, Investigative Sgt. Chris Stratton, Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation Special Agent Savalas Kidd and Evidence Technician Greg Shelley represent the multi-jurisdictional team awarded Best Investigative Effort.
Clermont County Citizens Law Enforcement Association along with Clermont Chamber of Commerce held the 28th annual police appreciation banquet May 19.

The banquet, held at Holiday Inn, Eastgate, featured a dinner and awards for police officers who went above and beyond their call of duty last year.

Patrolman Floyd Henderson of the New Richmond Police Department was named Officer of the Year, Small Department and Lt. Sue Madsen of the Union Township Police Department received the honor of being named Officer of the Year, Large Department.

“Officer Henderson is an informal leader,” said Chief Randy Harvey. “The person to whom lesser experienced officers gravitate.”

Lt. Madsen, whose serves as administrative lieutenant, led the Union Township Police Department to its sixth national accreditation award, and and has contributed to many meetings on the state, county and local level.

“At Union Township it isn’t a challenge,” Lt. Madsen said about her accomplishments. “I work with individuals who make it really easy.”

The Traffic Officer of the Year award went to Officer Michael Adamson of Loveland Police Department and Trooper Aaron McMillan for Small and Large Department, respectively.

Officer Adamson, issued 469 citations and made 80 arrests last year. From his experience as a traffic cop, he said the most important thing he would tell people to do when they get in a car is use the seat belt.

Officer McMillan made several instinctual decisions last year that ended up saving lives, including removing seven drunk drivers from the roads and stopping an out-of-control SUV on the highway by slowing it with his patrol car.

Detective John Pavia was named criminal investigator of the year. Pavia investigated six separate felony sex offenses against children, which helped lead to the apprehension and conviction of six registered felons, now incarcerated.

Detective Pavia said the number one way to keep children safe from these types of crimes today is to monitor their Internet use, and understand the dangers of computers.

Lt. Steve Leahy, Dep. Investigator Greg Moran, Dep. Investigator Bernard Boerger, Dep. Investigator Matt Farmer, Dep. Investigator Mike Robinson, Dep. Investigator Lori Saylor, Evidence Technician Greg Shelley, Investigative Sgt. Chris Stratton and Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation Special Agent Savalas Kidd were all a part of the team that earned the best investigative effort award.

The team helped apprehend Timothy Hoskins for killing his 2-year-old stepson, who he claimed fell down the stairs.

“There were no egos,” Dep. Investigator Saylor said about working as a team. “Everyone just dropped everything and did what needed to be done. Anytime it is a child it’s a top priority.”

Officer Michael Ventre received the medal of honor at the ceremony for reviving an unconscious person in cardiac arrest. Ventre was not dispatched to the scene but went anyway and arrived before the life squad.

Barbara McCane also voluntarily contributed to the livelihood of others when she helped convince a witness to give a statement. The witness knew key details regarding the robbery at the River City BP Express gas station and helped New Richmond police in their investigation. McCane was awarded the citizens award for her efforts.

“I only did it because I have four children at home, and it could have been me and my kids,” McCane said.

Other awards presented included retired officer recognitions for Officer Ralph Hodges and Sgt. Asa Burroughs both of Milford Police Department, certificates for award nominees and honorable mentions of officers deployed to the military.

A trend throughout the ceremony was the cooperation and trust between officers, departments and citizens in Clermont County.

“In my career I’ve never once picked up the phone and asked for help from any of those people and not gotten it,” said Officer Hodges.