Day awarded doctoral degree in psychology

Dr. Crystal Day
Crystal Day, formerly of Bethel, was awarded her doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology from the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies at The University of Louisville’s annual commencement exercises, held May 13 and 14.

During her time at the university, Dr. Day was involved in multiple projects which incorporated multiple areas of developmental and applied child psychology.

Her research, which has specifically dealt with high risk mothers and subsequent child development and parenting techniques has been published in several peer reviewed publications, as well as conducting more than 20 conference presentations nationwide, and nine workshops for Jefferson County Public Schools.

In addition, Dr. Day has worked with Seven Counties Services and WIC projects to support education of the above parent/child groups.

While at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dr. Day has overseen 30 graduate students, been a teaching assistant, and earned instructor status for the University Honors program.

Dr. Day was the recipient of the Guy Stevenson Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies. This award goes to the single doctoral degree candidate who excels in scholarship, leadership, and other areas of his or her discipline. In addition, Dr. Day was the recipient of the Graduate Dean’s Citation. Dr. Day holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology from the University of Louisville, a Bachelor of Science in Honors Psychology from Northern Kentucky University, and was the 2002 Valedictorian of Bethel-Tate High School.