Fire destroys part of Goshen couple’s home

A Goshen couple arrived home from the grocery store April 4 to find their home fire damaged and many of their belongings destroyed.

“We left at about 11 a.m., ran down to Owensville, stopped and got a pop and were going to visit our son,” said Richard Spurlock.

Spurlock said he and his wife, Tracie, changed their minds about visiting their son and after grabbing some groceries the couple headed back home. When they arrived, they found fire crews surrounding their home and much of their bedroom destroyed by a fire.

“I still don’t even know if we lost all of our pictures,” Spurlock said. “I am more worried about things I can’t replace. I can replace the house.”

Chief David Moulden of Wayne Township Fire Department said he didn’t have exact times, but one of his firemen noticed the fire when he was on the way to a doctor’s appointment. Moulden said his crews were at the scene in about three minutes and had the fire extinguished before the Spurlocks arrived home.

“What they think it is, is an air purifier that caught on fire in the bedroom,” Richard Spurlock said. “We woke up stuffed up, and I turned the air purifiers on and then we left.”

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, but Moulden said the fire appeared to have started in the front bedroom. Crews were able to contain the fire to that room and there was only heat and smoke damage through the rest of the house. Many of the couples belongings in the room were destroyed, however Moulden said most everything else can be salvaged.

Moulden said extinguishing the fire could not have gone better, and was glad his crew was able to contain the fire to one room.

The Spurlocks did not have any pets and said they have a place to stay for the time being.