Commissioners promote job hunting help at Workforce One

Employment services offered to county residents for free

Clermont County’s unemployment rate remains above nine percent, and in recognition of that fact the Clermont County Commissioners are reminding job seekers of the services provided by Clermont County’s branch of Workforce One.

“It’s very important for people to have a place to go where they can get help and some training,” Commissioner Archie Wilson said.

That place is Workforce One located behind the Eastgate Mall on Old State Route 74.

Many county job candidates utilize Clermont County’s Workforce One one-stop employment center in their search each day, but the Clermont County Commissioners have said many more are unaware of the organization’s free services.
Workforce One provides a series of job search related services at one location. Job seekers who come to Workforce One are provided internet access for online job searches including large screens to meet seekers’ higher visibility needs, free copier and fax machine use, and a free electronic answering service job seekers can use when attaching a phone number to their resume. Workforce One also provides help with resumes, cover letters, and other job search documents through literature and free scheduled classes. Once an applicant has developed their resume a staff member will critique it and provide feedback. Workforce One also provides resources such as mass hiring information, detailed job lead books, and statewide resume releases.

Job hunters can brush up on their computer and typing skills through self-tutorials on programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access with Quickbooks, and Windows.

In addition to programs offered to the general public, Workforce One is also the location for a number of programs provided through partner agencies. Workers who have lost or may lose their jobs due to large scale workforce reductions related to outsourcing and dislocation can receive training and assistance.

The Clermont Brown Literacy Council provides adult programs for reading, writing and spelling, as well as assistance in earning a General Equivalency Degree.

The MALACHI Youth Opportunities Program provides hands on skill training, and educational opportunities for underprivileged youth ages 14 to 21.

Veterans are provided specific assistance and training based on their needs, as are mature workers. Job seekers with physical or mental disabilities can receive assistance through the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission at Workforce One.

Workforce One is also the location for training and assistance for those assigned to job development programs through the Clermont County Court System.

Commissioner Wilson said after a recent tour of the building that he was impressed by the number of people utilizing the facility. Workforce One Clermont County Director Ted Groman said 23,000 unemployed residents made use of the services provided by Workforce One. Commissioner Bob Proud said the valuable services would be very helpful to many more residents if they were aware of the programs.

“We still have a challenge as far as how to get the word out,” Proud said.

He said he has talked to many veterans and residents who have not heard of Workforce One. Wilson said he did not know what services the center provided until he visited. Commissioner Ed Humphrey said the program is underutilized and is in danger of becoming under funded.

“It sounds like there’s more than one problem, number one’s funding, and number two is get the word out,” Commissioner Ed Humphrey said. “We need to continue to fund that very important activity.”

Currently the highest demand for employment lies in the fields of health care, advanced manufacturing, and information technology.

Workforce One Investment Board of Southwest Ohio Chair Dan Sack said the centers receive their primary funding through the U.S. Department of Labor, but recently proposed cuts may reduce that funding. Currently the House of Representatives has proposed cutting all federal funding of the agency through the Workforce Investment Act.

“It’s a true ‘teach a man to fish’ funding investment,” Sack said. “Unless funding is restored by the Senate this recent action in Washington would devastate the country’s workforce development and training system.”