Antiques and Collectibles Appraisal Fair to be held Feb. 19

The Mt. Moriah United methodist Women will sponsor the eighth annual Antiques and Collectibles Appraisal Fair from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19 at the church, located at 681 Mt. Moriah Drive.

Three qualified appraisers will be at the fair again this year. The appraisers are Bob Branson, bill Rainey, and Mike Brandley. They will be happy to look at your item and give you an honest appraisal. The cost per item is $5. Six items may be appraised for $25.

New and seasoned collectors alike often have items for which the value and history are a mystery. Finding out more about these objects requires finding an expert.

One way to do so is to take advantage of a local “appraisal day,” where you can bring your items to a roomful of experts and have them look at your items and give you some information about them.

Choose your oldest or most unusual items. Examples of objects to bring to an appraisal fair include things that have been in the family for generations, or unusual items.

If the item is too large to transport easily, you can still get an informal appraisal by bringing pictures of the item. Take pictures from every angle – front, back, and interior details, such as a drawer.

To get the most out of the time you spend with your appraiser, do you own research first, then you can ask mor detailed questions.

With the popularity of such show as the “Antiques Roadshow” some people get their hopes up. It is important not to have too high of expectations.

You will receive a spoken appraisal only, so bring a notebook for jotting down information. Besides a dollar value, the appraiser can give you an overview on the history of the item. The informal spoken appraisal is meant mainly for your enlightenment. If you need a formal written appraisal (for insurance or probate) you will need to schedule an appointment with an appraiser.