Glen Este girls and boys bowling teams are undefeated; Amelia girls are tough, too

Most county teams are enjoying winning seasons

The vast majority of the high school varsity bowling teams in Clermont County are enjoyiing succesful season that includes experiencing numerous victories.


Glen Este and Amelia are both enjoying very successful seasons in their respective varsity competition.

Glen Este

The Trojans, leaders of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference East Division, are undefeated.

Walnut Hills’ Eagles were knocked down 2154-1993 with GE being led by freshman Leslie Campbell with a two-game total of 447 including a very impressive single game score of 266. This was a Fort Ancient East Division duel.

Wilmington’s Hurricanes were slowed down considerably 2506-2209 in another East Division Fort Ancient Valley game. Again Campbell led GE with a 365 two-game total.

Campbell hurled a 384 the next outing in a 2227-2081 conference verdict over Wlmington.

The Trojans won an inter-county conference confrontation over Milford 2407-1019. Campbell bowled 456 and the E-Gals’ Jessica Olson, a junior, 341.

Little Miami’s Panthers were stopped twice in the Fort Ancient East Division. Game one was a 2036-1432 wipe out. Hannah Ruehlman, a senior, tossed a 366 for the winners. Game two was 2276-1254. Campbell bowled a 461 total.


The Barons defeated Goshen, the only other Southern Buckeye Conference Clemront County school with a girls bowling team, 1829-1433. Senior Sarah Flory led the Blue and White with her two-game tally of 323 and Ashley Tidwell topped the Warriors with her duo digits of 284.

Amelia knocked down Norwood’s Indians 1759-1533 spearheaded by Baron junior Elaina Simons’ 302 combo total.

McNicholas’ Rockets were easily gunned down 1931-1575 as Simons rolled a 320 to st the pace for the victorous Clermont countians.

Deer Park’s Wildcats temporarily slowed down the Barons’ winning ways with a 2039-1840 win. Simons again paced with Barons with her 320.

Anderson’s Redskins returned to their Hamilton County reservation decidedly dejected following a huge 1865-1277 drubbing to the Barons. Flory led Amelia with her 323.

Revenge was gained by the Blue and White with a 1987-1969 hard-earned triumph over Deer Park. Simons’ 309 double total sparked the winners’ efforts.


The Warriors fell before Mt. Healthy’s Owls 1735-1676. Sarah Barrial’s 318 was the best total turned in by the Red and Gray.


The members of the Milford varsity girls bowling team are, left to right, row one, Layne Burrows and Kara Bough and row two, coach Ritzman, Heather Higgins, Jessica Olson, Julia Clarson, Loren Billingsley, and coach Sonja Sittason. Not pitctured head coach Roger Bussell.
The E-Gals were skimmed by Turpin’s Spartans 1918-1887 in an East Division encounter of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference. Milford senior Kara Bough’s 349 was the best two-try total tally turned in during this encounter.


All four of Clermont County’s high school varsity boys bowling squads have experienced victories in their most recent action. Glen Este remains unbeaten and on top of the East Division of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference.

Glen Este

The Trojans beat Walnut Hills’ Eagles 2737-2361. Nathan Franz, GE senior, turned in the best two-game total with his 448. This was in the Fort Ancient Valley East Division.

Wilmington’s Hurricanes were whipped twice by the Purple and White 3020-2603 and 2733-2674. Both were rounds of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference East. In the first game, Jaekob Pesnichak, Glen Este senior, led all keglers with a superior 491 total. In the second go-around, a trio of Trojans did very well – Jarred Brewer, a junior, bowled 426; Zac Hayes, a senior, 416; and Paul Hudson, a senior 416.

In an inter-county, Fort Ancient Valley East encounter, Glen Este mastered Milford 2813-2520. The winning line-up turned in fine results – Franz 401, Pesnichak 401, Brewer 397, and Hudson 393. Milford’s Adam Edwards, a senior, shared high scoring honors with the Purple People adversaries by also rolling a 401.

The Purple pulverized Little Miami’s Panthers 3055-1589 in the Fort Ancient Valley East Division. The stellar Glen Este scores were Hudson 503, Franz 432, Pesnichak 430, Hayes 406, and Tyler Dieringer, a junior, 390.

In the return engagement, it was a considerably closer contest with the Clermont countians still winning out 2054-1781. Franz led all with his 400.


The Warriors won an inter-county clash between the only two schools of the Southern Buckeye Conference to compete in bowling, Goshen knocked down 2223 pins and Amelia 2195. Ryan Saylor paced the conquerors with 351 and Michael Seebohm, a sophomore, did the same for the conquered by leading all with a 358.

The Red and Gray did away with Mt. Healthy’s Owls 1970-1902. Saylor again paced the Red and Gray with a 332 in this non-conference contest.


The Eagles flew by Turpin’s Spartans in the East Division of the Fort Ancient Valley Conference 2700-2592. Edwards again set the standard for the triumphant Clermont countians with a 461.

Holiday Classic

In the classic, the best scores turned in by the keglers from Clermont County were Pesnichak with a 677, Hudson 659, Brewer 613, and Milford’s Brad Long, a senior, 576.


The Barons bowled down Norwood’s Indians 1845-1719 in non-league play. Sammy Baynori, a sophomore, led the Blue and White’s scores with a 368.

Miami Valley Christian offered minimal competition in a 2249-1562 loss to the Blue and White. Amelia’s triumph was paced by Seebohm’s 368 in this non-league duel.

In a hard-earned 2086-2056 defeat of Deer Park’s Wildcats, the Barons’ Richard Suttorff,a freshman, led the victors with a two-game tally of 322. This, too, was a non-conference fray.

The Amelia winning streak was stopped by Anderson’s Redskins in closely-contested non-league action 2592-2503. Bobby Archibald, a freshman, led the Barons with a 403.

In a 2214-2195 tight tussle trumping by Deer Park, Baynori fired a 325 to pace the Amelia individual scores.