Service with heart and a smile is just a call away

When Helen Fisher arrives at work each day, she never knows what kind of calls for help she will receive. But, as Intake Coordinator for Clermont Senior Services, Helen knows that the needs of each caller are very real, and she is prepared to handle each call with the same compassion, understanding, and friendly smile that she has shared with thousands of other callers over the past 20 years.

Helen rarely gets to meet the seniors she talks to on the phone, but this doesn’t diminish their appreciation for the help she provides. They can’t see Helen but, just like an angel, they know she is always there to help.

From time to time I hear about some of the seniors Helen has helped, and these stories always warm my heart. Here are a few of those stories, with names changed to protect the privacy of the seniors.

Lillian has used our transportation service for years and said she does not know what she would do without the help we provide to get her husband to his doctor appointments.

Lillian recently called Helen to ask if we could help with repairing a gutter that was pulling away from the house. The home repair worker Helen sent to Lillian’s home discovered a much bigger problem, the vent caps on the roof had holes in them, and water was starting to get into the attic.

Helen sought the assistance of the Veterans Services Commission to cover the cost of materials, and Clermont Senior Services provided the labor to replace the roof vents and repair the gutter.

Lillian called Helen to say, “I thank God for your wonderful drivers and the help you have provided for me and my husband.”

Ron and Alma are in their 80’s and they want to stay in their own home. Helen scheduled a home repairman to install a handrail to help Ron and Alma get safely up and down the stairs. Helen said it seemed like a small project to her, but Alma called to tell Helen what a beautiful job the home repairman did installing the handrail, and that it has been a big help. As Intake Coordinator, Helen manages the home repair program, which includes things like installing wheelchair ramps, bathroom handrails, and a host of other minor home repairs. Helen serves on a Senior Safety Coalition whose mission is to help seniors continue living safely in their homes.

The Senior Safety Coalition members coordinate resources to provide home safety checks, installation of grab bars, handrails, and wheelchair ramps. Coalition members also provide exercise programs, nutrition education programs, and fall prevention information.

Sally, age 92, is another senior Helen helped by setting up services to help Sally stay at home. Sally lives alone and has dizzy spells so it is difficult to take care of her home without fear of falling.

Helen scheduled a home care worker to help with light housekeeping and grocery shopping, and a personal care aide to help Sally with a bath twice each week.

Sally recently mailed a note to Helen that said, “I want to thank you for your help. I could have never stayed in my home if it hadn’t been for all the good help I have had over the past few years from Clermont Senior Services. Everyone is so nice to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

If you, or someone you know, needs a little extra help to continue living at home, please give Helen a call at (513) 724-1255. Don’t worry, if Helen isn’t available, one of the other “case management angels” that work with Helen will be there to take your call.