New Richmond swimming squads sink Country Day, McClain, Harrison, Seven Hills

The New Richmond varsity boys and girls swimming teams have been achieving some victories in the early going of the season.

Members of the New Richmond varsity boys swimming team are, front row from left, Henry Bezold, Tyler David, Grant Gilman, Alex Ariapad, Colt Reese, and Trace Pancake; row two, Tyler Flood, Daniel Dooley, Cody Biehle, Conall Stapleton, Robbie Workman, and Jake Ober; row three, Theo Ostermann, Clint Lytle, Brady Ginn, Tanner Duncan, Steve Benton, and Jeff Snider. Not pictured, Ricky Cullison, Jesse Rust, Vincent Speaks, Jacob Stapleton, Luke Tons, statistician and scorekeeper Becky Lewis.
New Richmond’s boys varsity swimming team began its most recent campaign with a victory over Cincinnati Country Day’s Indians and Greenfield McClain’s Tigers with the respective scores of 138-84-65.

Alex Ariapad, a junior, and Tyler David, a freshman, were victorious four times and Jacob Singleton, a senior. and Robbie Workman, a senior, triumphed three times.

New Richmond winners

200-yard medley relay of Workman, Singleton, Ariapad, and David 2-minutes and 2.74-seconds. David (200 freestyle) 2:22.75. Ariapad (200 individual medley) 2:29.91. Ariapad (100 butterfly) 1:08.15. David (100 freestyle) 1:00.59. 200 freestyle relay of Ariapad, David, Singleton, and Workman 1:46.70. Workman (100 backstroke) 1:14.65. Singleton (100 breaststroke) 1:25.98.

Lion runners-up

Singleton (50 freestyle) 26.93. Theo Ostermann (500 freestyle) 7:05.75. Jake Ober (100 breaststroke) 1:29.42. 400 freestyle relay of Steve Benton, Tanner Duncan, Ostermann, and Colt Reese 4:42.93.

The girls in Red and Black broke even in their opener. Cincinnati Country Day made 132 points, New Richmond 85, and Greenfield McClain 57.

Kara Burns, a sophomore. was a double victor.

New Richmond winners

Burns (500 freestyle) 6:10.07 and (100 breaststroke) 1:18.55.

Lion runners-up

200 medley relay of Micah Brondhaver, Burns, Jessica Nazareth, and Amanda Schmidt 2:19.98. Ann Bishop (100 butterfly) 1:31.60. 400 freestyle relay of Victoria Booker, Ashlee Lewis, Schmidt, and Megan Woolum 5:04.47.

The boys and girls scores were combined in the dual showdown against Harrison’s Wildcats with the Clermont countians emerging victorious 51-43.

Ariapad won twice. Workman, Singleton, David, Ostermann, a junior, and Trace Pancake, a sophomore, once.

New Richmond male winners

Ariapad (200 individual medley) 2:31.33. David (100 freestyle) 1:00.23. Ostermann (500 freestyle) 7:08.07. 200 freestyle relay of Ariapad, Pancake, Singleton, and Workman 1:48.96.

Burns was a four-time champion, Nazareth, a freshman, three-time, Schmidt, a two-time, and Gabby Benton, a senior, Booker, a sophomore, and Woolum, a freshman, one-time.

New Richmond female winners

200 medley relay of Burns, Nazareth, Schmidt, and Woolum 2:20.18. Booker (200 freestyle) 2:48.91. Nazareth (100 freestyle) 1:09.65. Burns (500 freestyle) 6:13.70. 200 freestyle relay of Gabrielle Benton, Burns, Nazareth, and Schmidt 2:03.12. Burns (100 breaststroke) 1:19.62.

The Red and Black swept both sides of a duel opposite Greenfield McClain. The boys triumphed over the Tigers 72-22.

Ariapad and David were four-time winners for the NR boys, Workman and Singleton, twice, Ostermann, a junior, Pancake, a sophomore, Grant Gilman a junior, Benton, a sophomore, Duncan, a sophomore, and Reese, a sophomore, were also winners.

Among the girls, Schmidt, a senior, Burns and Bishop, a freshman, won two times, Nazareth, a freshman, twice, and Booker, a sophomore, Lewis, a freshman, and Woolum, a freshman, once..

New Richmond male winners

200 medley relay of Workman, Singleton, Ariapad, and David 2:04.10. David (200 freestyle) 2:19.31. Ariapad (200 individual medley) 2:29.56. Ariapad (100 butterfly) 1:07.93. David (100 freestyle) 58.97. Ostermann (500 freestyle) 7:02.29. 200 freeestyle relay of Workman, Trace Pancake, Singleton, and Ariapad 1:47.86. Gilman (100 breaststroke) 1:35.47. 400 freestyle relay of David, Benton, Duncan, and Reese 4:29.97.

The distaff team outswam the Tigers 55-34.

New Richmond female winners

Bishop (100 butterfly) 1:33.50. Burns (500 freestyle) 6:09.20. 200 freestyle relay of Nazareth, Schmidt, Lewis, and Burns 2:06.47. Burns (100 breaststroke) 1:17.86. 400 freestyle relay of Booker, Bishop, Woolum, and Schmidt 5:12.63.

In a two-team matchup with Clark Montessori, the visiting Cougars dried off first with a combined boys and girls score of 115-73.

Workman, Ariapad, and Davis each won twice and Singleton once.

Burns was a double winner for the distaff team.

New Richmond male winners

200 medley relay of Workman, Singleton, Ariapad, and David 2:01.63. David (200 freestyle) 2:12.92. Ariapad (200 individual medley) 2:29.06 and (100 butterfly) 1:07.08. Workman (100 breaststroke) 1:13.23.

New Richmond female winners

Burns (500 freestyle) 6:07 and (100 breaststroke) 1:18.61.

New Richmond sank Summit Country Day Silver Knights, the girls 73-17 and the boys 51-42.

Schmidt was part of four NR victories, Burns and Woolum, three, Betnon and Nazareth, two, and Bishop, Booker, and Lewis, one.

New Richmond female winners

200 medley relay of Woolum, Burns, Nazareth, and Schmidt 2:54.05. Booker (200 freestyle) 2:43.08. Woolum (200 individual medley) 3:01.96 and (100 backstroke) 1:24.91. Schmidt (50 freestyle) 31.74. Benton (100 freestyle) 1:11.36. Burns (500 freestyle) 6:11.56 and (100 breaststroke) 1:20.32.. 200 freestyle relay of Benton, Nazareth, Schmidt, and Burns 2:05.06. 400 freestyle relay of Bishop, Lewis, Schmidt, and Woolum 5:09.65.

New Richmond male winners

David (200 freestyle) 2:12.88 and (100 freestyle) 1:00.12. Ariapad (100 butterfly) 1:07.96. Ostermann (500 freestyle) 5:57.70. 200 freestyle relay of Workman, David, Singleton, and Ariapad 1:49.06.

Seven Hills’s Stingers were climbed all over by the boys in Red nd Black. The guys won 65-29 and the gals were defeated 58-36.

Workman, David, and Ariapad were portios of four victpories, Gilman two, and Reeese oone.

New Richmond male winners

200 medley relay of Ariapad, David, Gilman, and Workman 2:08.00. David (200 freestyle) 2:16.72 and 100 freestyle) 59.71. Ariapad (200 individual medley) 2:29.38 and (100 butterfly) 1:07.21. Workman (50 freestyle) 27.44 and (100 backstroke) 1:12.79. 200 freestyle relay of Ariapad, David, Reese, and Workman 1:48.22. Gilman (100 breaststroke) 1:35.69.