Breyer will be 2011 bar president

Prosecutor has plans for improvement

Clermont County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Daniel “Woody” Breyer has big plans for his tenure as President of the Clermont County Bar Association in 2011.

“I’d like to do some good before I leave,” Breyer said. “There are not many years left.”

Breyer said there are several programs he would like to expand on.

“We do a really good job of offering free and low cost continuing education credits and that’s something I would like to expand on,” Breyer said.

Breyer said the annual seminar held by the bar association provides six credit hours, which makes the cost of membership worthwhile on its own for the more than 200 members of the Clermont County Bar Association.

“We try to provide materials that will improve everyone’s ability,” Breyer said.

He said he would also like to see the bar association provide additional support for Clermont County Common Pleas Court Judge Jerry McBride when he hosts the high school mock trial competitions in the spring.

Breyer said members of the bar association assist the teams in their preparations and provide food a drinks during the competition.

“Judge McBride has a great deal of affection for the mock trial program and I think it’s a worthwhile cause,” Breyer said.

Breyer said the bar association also holds several important social events throughout the year, including retirement parties for important legal figures in the county.

Breyer was appointed to the the executive committee of the bar association in 2007 and has served as the treasurer, secretary, and vice president. Members appointed to the executive committee by the nominating committee succeed to a new position each year and eventually become president.

“It was helpful to me because you see what all is involved beforehand,” Breyer said.