CNE receives accolades at state and national levels

Board chastised for missing Veterans Day parade

The CNE administration poses with a flag and plaque recognizing the Clermont Northeastern elementary school as a Blue Ribbon School.
From left Board Member Mike Freeman, Board President Patty Spencer, Val Davis Assistant Principal School, Board Member David Pennington , Board Member Danny Ilhardt, board vice president, Jayne Mummert Board Treasurer Herman Switzer and Superintendent Neil Leist proudly display the Blue Ribbon Flag and Official Blue Ribbon School Plaque.

Neil Leist, Clermont Northeaster Superintendent, attended the Ohio School Board Association meeting in Columbus Nov. 7 through 10 along with school board members and Wayne Johnson, CNE Special Education Director.

Leist and Brian Switzer, treasurer of CNE Schools, gave a presentation on Nov. 9 at the OSBA titled Stretching the Dollar in Tough Economic Times. According to Board member Jayne Mummert, the presentation targeted finance and facilities in the school systems with a breakdown of how Clermont Northeastern has handled the tough times.

The program book described the presentation by noting, “Clermont Northeastern Local Schools board members and administrators avoided an operational levy by thinking outside of the box during tough economic times.”

The presentation given at the conference discussed how the school built their business partnerships as well as their method for contacting businesses for donations. Also included were ideas on how to contact businesses about getting computers they were no longer going to use, as well as other tangible items.

“The people at the conference, who had some of the most elite of educators were very impressed with our school district and what we have accomplished,” Leist said. “I am just so proud of everyone.”

On November 15 Leist, along with Glenda Green, principal of CNE Elementary School, and Val Davis, assistant principal, went to Washington D.C. to receive the official Blue Ribbon School plaque and a Blue Ribbon School flag. The ceremony in Washington D.C. recognized all schools who received awards.

There was some discussion at the school board meeting about budget cuts. However board members agreed that until the new governor makes his decision, there is no way to know what cuts may have to be made.

Faye Miller, audience guest, approached council to express disappointment in the school board members’ of participation in or attendance of the Veterans Day Parade held on Nov. 11.

“I was told you all were in a meeting that day,” Miller said. “I am very upset about it. I believe that we should take the time to honor the people in the military. They are the ones responsible for our freedom and our children need to be taught by example. I am just very disappointed that you did not participate.”

Mike Freeman apologized on behalf of the board.

“I agree that we should have been there,” Freeman said. “I promise it will not happen again.”

Other members agreed and verbally expressed their apologies.