Bethel gets into holiday spirit with window paintings

Local high school students donate talent to community

Sammi Hency, a Bethel-Tate junior paints baby Jesus onto a window at the Bethel Village administration building. Hency and her classmate Hannah Hearn volunteer to decorate the building on behalf of the Bethel-Tate Tiger Tails on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

The Village of Bethel administration building is ready for the holiday season thanks to two Bethel-Tate high school students.

Juniors Hannah Hearn and Sammi Hency volunteered to paint the windows at the administration building in festive holiday themes.

The girls volunteered through the organization Tiger Tails. Tiger Tails is a Bethel-Tate high school organization designed to promote a positive relationship between the community and the school.

Co-advisor Christy Calhoun said the village usually contacts Bethel-Tate art teacher Jane Londer, but Londer thought the Christmas decorations were a perfect fit for Tiger Tails.

Hannah Hearn adds a detail to her three wise penguins in the northern most window of the Bethel administration building.

“The community knows they can call us and ask for volunteers,” Calhoun said. “We want to act as a liaison between students’ needs, what the school can give, and the village needs. It helps the students become well rounded citizens.”

Calhoun said Tiger Tails is involved in a number of projects, many of them suggested by the students. They organize the prom and the harvest party, and they put on a variety show for the community. This month they are also sending about 150 cards to U.S. troops over seas.

“We wanted to do something for the holidays but we didn’t want to ask for donations,” Calhoun said. “There are plenty of groups asking for soup cans and other items, we just wanted to give back without being a burden.”

Calhoun said Hency and and Hearn are both talented artists and she was excited to see what the girls had accomplished with the windows.

The window paintings will be on display through the entire month of December.