Girl Scouts learn about garbage patch

Great River’s Girl Scout Troop #41280 of Bethe has been learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the time it takes items to break down when tossed in a landfill. That is the inspiration of their “Dream Rocket” project panel: “Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle..Make a difference one piece at a time.”

The scouts each worked on a portion of the two-foot by two foot panel, varying in size from 4×8 inches to around 8×10 inches.

The panel was divided into 13 sections of plastic canvas. Each girl was shown how to cover the canvas with yarn and a needle. This was their first time doing this. Some had a harder time completing their piece due to sports and other committments, but all the girls finished within three weeks. They then assembled the pieces to complete the project.

This year they will focus on several areas of recycling. Upcycling and creating community awareness are two of them. Upcycling is using an item that might otherwise be thrown away and using it for another purpose. They recently turned milk cartons into birdfeeders. They are focusing their crafts during meetings around the concept of upcycling. They also are discussing ways they can impact their community and save items from the landfill.

The panel is a visible way for the scouts to see how their small contributions are able to turn into something much bigger, such as the wrapping of the Saturn V rocket with 2′ by 2′ panels. More information about the project can be found