Two arrested for burglary

Clermont County Sheriff A.J. “Tim” Rodenberg has reported that two 25-count indictments were returned by the Clermont County Grand Jury on Sept. 1 against Gerald Sarver, 35, and Laverne Sarver, 29, of 233 Sulphur Springs Drive in Batavia.

“The charges consisted of fourteen Burglary charges (2nd degree felony), one charge of Attempted Burglary (3rd degree felony), nine charges of Theft (5th degree felony) and one charge of Theft of a Firearm (3rd degree felony),” Rodenberg said. “These charges resulted from 15 reports our office received in the past 90 days.”

Burglaries occurred on Glancy Corner, Hawley Road, Moore Marathon, State Route 131, Sharps Cutoff, Bauer Road, No. 9 Road, US 50, and Weaver Road in Jackson Township, Bethel Concord Road, Clover Road, Twin Bridges and Todd’s Run Foster Road in Williamsburg Township, and on Lucas Rd in Wayne Township.