CDC apprentice has been assigned to Clermont County

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has selected the Clermont County General Health District as one of 67 agencies nationwide to host a CDC apprentice.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the health district,” said Clermont General Health District commissioner Marty Lambert. “The CDC takes care of his salary for the two year local apprenticeship; this will enable the county to dedicate more time to several important public health projects.”

“The first year of the apprenticeship, I look forward to working with the Clermont Coalition for Activity and Nutrition (Clermont CAN) to increase awareness about the benefits of physical activity and nutrition,” said Jon Streater, a graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition. “The second year of the program, I will work with the Child Fatality Review Board on infant deaths, and Clermont Safe Communities on off-road vehicle accidents. I will also work to create awareness about accidental poisonings linked to misusing medication.”