Clermont recorder now offering E-recordings

The Clermont County Recorder’s Office is now accepting electronically filed documents (e-recordings). 

“Technology is changing the traditional way we conduct business,” said Clermont Recorder Deborah Clepper.  “Both large and small companies will save time and money by electronically transmitting documents that need to be recorded.”  

The fees to record documents with the Recorder’s Office are the same for both e-filed and those brought into the office.

To become an e-filer with the Clermont County Recorder’s Office, visit the Web site to set up an account.

Erxchange assesses a nominal fee for processing, but the fee is much less than sending a document to the county by courier or overnight mail.

Companies can upload documents to the Erxchange site; within 10 minutes from submission, the documents are sent to participating counties to be recorded.  Those utilizing the service are notified when the document is recorded.  If a document is rejected by the Recorder’s Office, it is returned to the transmitting company to make changes.

“Documents are recorded in the order they are received,” said Clepper.   Clepper says that even if there is a problem with an order and has to be returned, the e-recordings are much quicker to process than sending the documents back and forth by mail, or by using a courier.