East Fork State Park serves as the host of the National High School Rowing Championships

In a way it is very amusing that rain can hamper an event that takes place in water, but it did occur at the annual US Rowing Youth National Championships that took place on Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park.

This nationally prestigious event among the rowing community went through some time and schedule changes due to a great deal of rain over a recent weekend in June.

Hundreds of spectators from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and just about everywhere in between attended the event.

Following are the winners of the Grand Final of each event.

Men’s Lightweight Youth 2x: New Canaan High School Crew Club (6-minutes, 47.9 seconds). New Canaan, Ct.

Men’s Youth 4+: Belmont Hill School (6:27.668). Belmont Ma.

Men’s Lightweight Youth 8+: Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing (5:56.615). Los Angeles, Ca.

Men’s Youth 1x: New Canaan High School Crew Club (7:13.825).

Men’s Youth 2-: Saratoga Springs High School/Saratoga Rowing Association (6:55.637). Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Men’s Youth 2x: Saugatuck Rowing Club (6:44.284). Westport, Ct.

Men’s Lightweight Youth 4+: Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club (6:34.891).

Men’s Youth 4x: New Canaan High School Crew Club (6:06.862).

Men’s Youth 8+: Kent School (5:47.346). Kent, Ct.

Women’s Lightweight Youth 2x: Lake Union Crew (7:55.712). Seattle, Wa.

Women’s Lightweight Youth 4+: Connecticut Boat Club (7:23.135). Westport, Ct.

Women’s Lightweight Youth 8+: Community Rowing, Inc. (6:38.576). Brighton, Ma.

Women’s Youth 1x: Mile High Rowing Club (8:12.000). Denver, Co.

Women’s Youth 2-: Connecticut Boat Club (7:34.630).

Women’s Youth 2x: Detroit Boat Club Crew (7:35. 746).

Women’s Youth 4+: Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing (7:08.590).

Women’s Youth 4x: Long Beach Junior Crew (6:50.468). Long Beach, Ca.

Women’s Youth 8+: Connecticut Boat Club (6:30.990).