Jones, Lilly, Vize, and Zadek win races at June in Olde Williamsburgh competition

Clermont countians dominated the winners’ column in the annual June in Olde Williamsburgh races.

Following are the best finishers in each race.

10K Run

Derek Jones of Afton 38-minutes, 7-seconds, Ken Roark of Hillsboro 41:29, Tom Glasscock of Winchester 41:49, Mary Jablonski of Mt. Orab 42:17, Steve Morehouse of Bethel 44:45, Danny Bubp of West Union 45:18, Debbie Biddle of Cynthiana, Ky., 46:03, Jean Schmidt of Loveland 46:30, Larry Gerke of Cincinnati 47:17, and Carolyn Waits of Cincinnati 48:18.

5K Run

Court Lilly of Batavia 16:57, Rocky Mitchell of Williamsburg 21:21, Andi Lanigan of Bethel 22:03, Roger Thornberry Jr. of Williamsburg 22:09, Dave Hamann of Batavia 22:52, Roger Thornberry Sr. of Williamsburg 24:50, Tommy Lefker of Williamsburg 25:25, Hunter Stith of Batavia 26:13, Bryan Simmons of Batavia 26:15, and Griffin Stith of Batavia 8:39.