Employers should consider hiring military veterans

As many of the returning veterans begin their civilian life they find a new enemy that is very devastating both financially and emotionally. The new enemy is unemployment!

Imagine coming back from a tour(s) of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan to discover your financial situation has been turned upside down and you are desperate to find an employment opportunity that will support your family while building a future. The situation is significantly compounded when some of those same veterans have a service related disability.

Clermont County is one of the most patriotic communities in the United States for which we are all very proud. Our county has approximately 16,000 veterans from WWII to our present wars with Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our community is doing an outstanding job of warmly welcoming home our warriors but when the parades stop and the daily routine and responsibilities of civilian life begin those same veterans need and deserve continued support and consideration. This is where I would ask all employers to consider making the extra effort to hire a veteran. The reported unemployment rate for the United States is somewhere in the range of 10 percent. Statistics indicate unemployment among the youngest Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, those ages 20-24 are in the 15 percent range. In my judgment this adds insult to injury when considering many of these young men and women have put their lives on hold while defending our freedoms. This is best summarized by the old saying of